What is Our Incubator Project?

What is Our Incubator Project?

Is owning a garment brand your ambition? Is designing clothes your passion? Are you interested in running a profitable clothing business?

If your answer to any of the above questions is YES, then our incubator project could be the right choice.

Even if you are a beginner, do not have a significant investment, and have no experience in designing, clothing line, and selling clothes, you can be a part of this project to make your dream come true.

Our incubator project is perfectly designed for beginners and start-ups with no experience in the clothing line and the business. We are here to help you from designing your product to sales.

Let’s look at the step-by-step process of our incubator project and discuss how it is suitable for people who do not have experience, a massive budget, online sales stores, and other necessities to have an established clothing business.

Our Project in a Nutshell

“Our clothing line incubator project just requires a minimal investment, and the rest of the job will be done by our team, including creating tech packs, professional photoshoots, selling of products on the retailing marketplace, inventory management, and everything from the start till the end. You will get 20% profit in the end in the return of your investment and design.”

You will get 20% profit in the end in the return of your investment and design.”

The Complete Process

Tech Pack

The first step of our incubator project is the tech pack.

A tech pack is a complete and detailed set of instructions and informative data required to create a garment. It is basically a blueprint.

People who are familiar with the industry know the importance of a tech pack. It is the base of your product, so it needs to be perfect. Otherwise, your investment could go down the drain.

Our incubator project gives attention to tech packs to ensure everything is up to the mark.

If you don’t know much about it and don’t know the technicalities, don’t worry. You can brainstorm an idea and create a sketch on paper. Once your design is ready, you can share it with our representatives. Our experts will help you in creating a tech pack. Our designers will help do everything from scratch.

If you are a fashion designer and your tech pack is ready, you can share it with us, and we will have a look at it. Our expert designers will look at the tech pack and make sure everything is perfect. There are chances of minor changes to align with the marketplace.


The next step is to create samples based on your tech pack. We put the clothes in our clothing line, and once they are ready, we share the samples with you.

Getting samples is necessary as it will give you inner satisfaction that you are investing in something profitable. You can examine the sample and make sure everything is perfect.

At this stage, you have a chance to make changes to your product and make it perfect. We can also put your logo and branding on the sample, but we do not recommend that at this stage.

We ship the sample at your cost. Before you order in bulk, it is better to have a look at the samples to make sure your future investment is secure.

Professional Photoshoot

A professional photoshoot is pretty essential because customers look at the images and decide whether they should buy clothes or not.

When you are selling online, the product images play a very important role in catching the viewers’ attention and turning them into customers.

Thus, the product images should be good enough to show the clothes’ quality, look, and details. It is important to attract the customer at first glance.

In our incubator project, we take care of the photoshoot. Our models wear your designed clothes, and we take professional and high-quality images that can be used in the marketplace.

Product Launch

We launch the products on our retailing marketplaces. We have online sales stores that are ready to sell your products.

We only need to put your product on our websites. As we have already taken the images in the previous step, we only need to display them on the product launch.

The description of the product is the next important thing. We write a killer product description to explain everything about the product and turn the visitors into customers.

Finally, the prices of the products are decided according to the marketplace and competitive products. After that, your product is ready to be sold.


The product launch is not enough. The most important thing is marketing. Without a successful marketing strategy, you cannot get enough sales.

Our marketing team takes care of everything and reaches potential customers. We have experts that understand the target audience and how to do marketing for clothes.

If your brand is new, we create brand awareness and make your product popular in the market.

Our expert teams take care of all these steps, and you just need to sit back and wait for your return. You don’t need to do anything.

It is just like an automated system that gives you a 20% return for providing a design and investment.

Why is the Incubator Project Suitable for You?

Our clothing line incubator project is suitable for you because it has got a simple idea, a backup of expert teams, and an utterly ready funnel. Let’s have a look at the benefits of our project and business idea.

Minimal Investment

For launching your product in the marketplace, you need minimal investment. We have the clothing line, expert teams, and everything required from product creation to selling, so you just need to provide the initial investment to make the products ready.

Once your product is ready, we start selling it on our marketplace. Thus, there is only a minimal investment needed to meet the customers’ demands.

Your Own Brand

If you have your own brand, you can use it for the products. We offer customized labels, logos, embroidery, and printing at an extra cost.

So, if you wish to have your own brand selling on the market, our incubator project is the right choice to proceed further.

Our Experienced Team

You might not be familiar with the clothing line, production, marketing, website, and other nitty-gritty. However, you don’t need to worry about these things in our incubator project.

We have experienced teams for every step. We have expert fashion designers to make tech packs, expert workers in the clothing line, professional photographers to take stunning images, models to display your products, website developers to handle online marketplaces, and a marketing team to promote your products.

Thus, we have everything, including the required experience, to take your idea to the next level. We are in the industry and dealing with clothing products and brands every day, so we understand what the market needs and how to deal with every step.

No to Bulk Orders

When it comes to establishing a clothing business, the first thing that comes to mind is inventory. You need to have a massive stock of clothes to meet the customer demand when necessary. Therefore, you need to order in bulk, and it requires an enormous investment.

In our incubator project, you don’t need to have bulk orders. You can adjust the inventory based on your sales. Initially, you need to have a minimum number of pieces per color, and then you can adjust the inventory as per your sales.

It saves you money, and this is the major reason you need a minimal investment in our project.

Established Online Store

We have established online stores to launch your products. The websites are completely ready, and we just need to introduce your product in the marketplace.

We handle the website and everything related to it. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the product launch, sales, shipping, payment, or anything else.


Our incubator project also offers dropshipping facility. It means you can get orders for your products through your channels, and after that, you can send those orders to us. We will take care of everything until the shipping of the product.

Therefore, you also have the control to increase your income by getting orders for your products. You only need to take orders, and we will handle the rest.

All Set

In our incubator project, all is set. We are just waiting for your design and initial investment. 

20 % off

You don’t need to do anything, you can relax at your home and wait for your 20% return. It does not require any effort from your side. 

Once the tech pack is ready, we do the rest on our own. Everything is prepared, and you will be getting passive income as long as your product is on our marketplace.

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