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The New Ingenuity of the Pocket – the Craftsmanship Trend of Women’s Clothing Details

With the popularity of pragmatism, the design of the bag lid emphasizes both practicality and decoration.

It is displayed by design techniques such as misplaced stacking, three-dimensional pockets, elegant cargo bags, contrast pockets, lotus leaf decoration, and oversized front patch pockets. Practical and decorative designs will be more favored by consumers.

Misplaced Stratification

The designer thinks about it from the perspective of novelty of the layout, rearranges the design of the pocket in a new position, breaks the immutable layout of the conventional layout, adopts the misplaced stacking and deconstruction method design to make the pocket more visual, strengthens the appearance of the pocket, and enhances the decorative attributes of the pocket in the single item.

Three-dimensional Pocket

The three-dimensional pocket design enhances the practicality of the piece, and the loose silhouette creates a practical and comfortable dress style. In order to create a casual cargo piece, the design of multiple pockets gives the piece more functionality, which meets the current fashion trend.

Elegant Cargo Bags

The loose silhouette creates a practical and comfortable overall shape, and with a large number of cargo pockets, the softness of women and the fortitude of the overalls are well integrated. In addition to the matching, choose a hip skirt to collide with the independent new style of modern women. The use of skirts to create feminine overalls meets the current trend of outdoor travel.

Contrast Pockets

Whether it’s contrasting hues, tonal coincidence, patch stitching or material contrast, designers always have just the right grasp of color, pattern and fabric: not only are diverse visual images combined in a variety of different forms, but the proportion of the spliced area is key.

Lotus Leaf Decoration

The details of the pocket edge decoration through different forms of ruffles make the shape of the pocket instantly lively and flexible. Different fabric materials and sewing techniques bring a variety of ruffles to create a unique fashion design for innovative and feminine sweetheart women.

Oversized Front Patch Pocket

The oversized front patch pocket enhances the practicality of the piece. The use of leather materials to stitch together the material contrast on the pants, creating a decorative appearance while increasing the layering of the clothing. Incorporate sweatshirt pieces into cutting-edge design styles by using unfinished sewing design techniques and effortless tilting facet designs.

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