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What is a “Tech Pack” and Why Do You Need One

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Why Tech Packs are So Important

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What is a “Tech Pack” and Why Do You Need One

Tech Pack is the short term for “technical packet,” which is another word for a specification sheet. In the garment industry, tech packs are created by a clothing designer and manufacturer to function as a blueprint for their production team. As the name might imply, tech packs contain all of the necessary technical information about a product, which allows the production team to construct it to the client’s exact specifications.

Tech packs are utterly essential to the garment design process, especially when creating brand new items. They contain a variety of details, including the chosen material, seam, colorways, measurements, trim, labels, and gradings. As you might expect, the more information, the better.

As a rule, most outsourced production teams will not accept orders without a tech pack. After all, not only do these documents minimize the number of samples that need to be made, but they can ultimately get the product to market much faster. Unfortunately, so many new clothing owners prefer to skip the tech pack step, leading to frequent problems and potentially costly delays.

In the following article, we’ll detail why tech packs are so important and explain how we can help you construct one.


What Should Be Included in Every Tech Pack?

A good tech pack needs to function more or less like a digital / hard copy version of the final garment. In the absence of a physical shirt, dress, or coat to hold in their hands, the production team will need as much instruction as possible to bring your garment to life. When constructing your tech pack, we want to ensure to include:

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Technical Sketches

Technical Sketches – These are drawings that show various angles of the garment. Though they most notably focus on the front and back, it’s a good idea to also include sketches of the sides, inside, and any unique details (pleats, seams, stitching, etc.). These sketches are typically done using Adobe Illustrator by our clothing designers.

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Size, Quantity, and Measurement Data

Size, Quantity, and Measurement Data – Are you planning on offering your new garment in more than one size? If so, what size would you like for your first sample? We’ll detail all of this information so that our production team knows what they should produce. Measurement diagrams are perhaps the most important thing to include, and they should clearly display each individual measurement on your garment.

Material and Component Information

Material and Component Information – We’ll include detailed information on each and every raw material that will be used in the construction of your product. This includes all fabrics, buttons, labels, tags, lining, etc. We will not only list all of these elements individually but also detail where we are going to place them on your garment. To make things even easier, we will also include data on composition, weight, finish, and even potential suppliers for each component.

Specifics on Stitching and Seams

Specifics on Stitching and Seams – To maximize your control over the final result, we’ll make sure your tech pack includes details such as stitches-per-inch, seam width, seam allowances, etc. This will keep our team from having to contact you for additional info, ultimately prevent delays in the production process.

Construction Details

Construction Details – We’ll include any and all details about the garment that aren’t immediately obvious from the sketches. For instance, we will point out collars, cuffs, fastenings, artwork, and other components that would be hard to see otherwise.  Do you plan on included branding artwork or logos on your labels or hand tags? Now is the time to let us know!

Order Details

Order Details – It’s a good idea to be upfront about your preferred delivery date as well as where and how your products will be shipped. To ensure proper communication, we will also detail how your products will be packed and packaged before shipping. This will allow us to start coming up with estimates, which you can then factor into your overall costs.

Any Changes That Happen Along the Way

Any Changes That Happen Along the Way – Tech packs are not intended to be static documents. As your designs change and your requirements evolve, we will update your tech packs so everyone is on the same page.  


Why Tech Packs are So Important

It might seem like we’re putting an unnecessary amount of importance on the detailed, professional tech packs. However, this is because we know better than anyone how valuable good a tech pack is to the manufacturing process. For instance, an effective tech pack can do all of the following:

Reduce Errors While Improving Communication

Tech packs simplify and streamline communication between you and our team. Thanks to their many visual details, they can significantly reduce errors and misunderstandings. This can be a big factor when working with teams located abroad, as time, language, and cultural differences can sometimes make the process more difficult.  

By working with us to create a detailed tech pack, you can help ensure that the garment you design will be constructed to your precise specifications. With the help of our drawings, measurements, and detailed explanations, you can greatly reduce the risk of mistakes and delays.

Help You Get Accurate Quotes

If you’re running a business, it’s safe to assume that you’ll want to know exactly how much the products you’re investing in will set you back. The more detailed your tech pack, the easier it will be for us to estimate the cost of your project. You can also enjoy much more realistic schedule quotes, as we’ll have a better idea of what materials we need to gather and how best to allocate labor.

Create “Manual” for the Production Team

In most cases, our production manager handles your entire order. This person might oversee everything from the design of your new garment to the sourcing of materials, the submission of samples, and – finally – the production.

Of course, no matter how involved this individual is, your order will still pass through many different hands. In this case, it’s quite valuable for each department or individual to have one document to which they can all refer. This is especially true once you start making revisions, as “version control” is essential to getting the final garment right.

Minimize Delays

When we have detailed tech packs, we can often speed up sample lead times dramatically. This helps you get the product back in your hands faster and ultimately gets the product to market as quickly as possible. With a precise tech pack in hand, we can allocate resources and plan a more detailed production schedule.

Create Accountability

Once you reach the point where production is ready to begin, your tech pack will essentially function as a “contract” between your business and ours. Should any measurement, material, or component be substituted or forgotten, you will be able to refer back to your tech pack to point out where the mistake was made.

It Saves Time in the Future

If all goes well with a particular garment line, you’ll hopefully want to work with us again. With a high-quality tech pack on file, you can reuse instructions, materials, stitching, etc. to create a more homogenous look for your brand. And since you can always refer back to your tech pack, it will be easier than ever to communicate what you want in the future.


Build Your Tech Pack With Us Today

As an experienced garment manufacturer, we can help our clients create detailed, effective tech packs that streamline the production process and ensure they get what they want. If this is your first time creating your clothing line, our team with work hand-in-hand with you to ensure the process goes smoothly.

In the end, what matters most is that your tech pack is designed with communication in mind. After all, this will serve as the main reference for your project – let’s work together to make sure the final product fits your needs. For customized productions of all kinds, as well as the tech packs that bring them to life, MMS Clothing design team is your solution.

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