Sweet Encounters–Summer and Spring Women’s Small Single Product Planning

Under the theme of young lady style, the whole series is presented through different silhouettes and key detail points, creating a romantic girly feeling, which is suitable for office and daily wear. The main silhouette is short waist, and the key details are hollow.

The new trend colors are added under the blessing of popular colors, showing the overall aesthetics of vacation and romantic wear.

Short Blouse

Keywords: perspective / crop top / round shoulder cocoon type

In recent years, the short blouse type has appeared more frequently on the T stage, and it brings youthful vitality while lengthening the proportion of the body. Through the method of hollowed-out and see-through pleating, as well as the use of pastoral floral and plaid, the theme style is jointly interpreted.

Bubble Sleeves

Keywords: wrinkling / round shoulder cocoon type

The bubble sleeves type has always been a popular trend point. The airy shape is created by wrinkling, which presents a girly feeling of age reduction and is more comfortable and convenient to wear. The fabrics are mostly made of silk and high-quality cotton.

Fly Sleeve Tops

Keywords: scalloped edges sleeves / perspective hollowed-out

Through the design of flying sleeves in different ways, create a sense of accumulation, forming a natural arm cover, and it can move freely and stretch at will, suitable for vacation and outdoor wear, showing a sense of pastoral atmosphere.

Hollowed-out Tops

Keywords: small floral / plaid / bandage

The hollowed-out design has recently become a popular design trend. The parts of the hollowed-out are changeable, the most common one being the back. It shows the beauty of the body shape without sexy sense.

Gigot Sleeves

Keywords: gigot shape / classical romance

Gigot sleeves originated in the early 19th century. The reason why it is named gigot sleeves is because the sleeves are like legs of lamb, with the upper end open and the section close to the wrist tightened. In recent years, it has become the darling of the fashion industry.

Loose A-hem Blouse

Keywords: A-hem / girly feeling

The A-swing blouse is easy to move while creating a sense of shape. The version is narrow at the top and wide at the bottom, which is comfortable to wear and girlish.

Waisted Top

Keywords: floral / bows / wrinkling

As the most classic waistline treatment method, the waisted top is very popular in the women’s clothing market. Floral elements are mostly used in the patterns, and the fabrics are mainly made of silk and cotton. The effect of modifying the waist is achieved by wrinkling and bows.

Short Vest

Keywords: various styles / three-dimensional knitting

As an essential item in the wardrobe, vests can be worn outside or inside, and most of them are short. Woven and knitted fabrics are commonly used. Knitting with three-dimensional sense becomes a new trend.

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