Sweet and Cool Girl– Silhouetted Women’s Skirt

The skirt is the core item of the overall dress. Different silhouettes play a key role in shaping the overall style. The design of the skirt is more diversified by adding innovations, increasing versatility and practicability. As an improved version of the college uniform, the short skirt conforms to the emerging sweet and cool trend, and highlights the innovative ability of classic items. Profile details like folds, wraps, and hem accents add a lot of interest.

Retro Umbrella Skirt

Keywords: retro / flexible collocation

The retro umbrella skirt has a very elegant and romantic feminine quality. Using a wide fabric material, the fluffy umbrella shape can not only modify the figure, but also make the waist look extraordinarily slender. The retro umbrella skirt has high flexibility and is suitable for all kinds of figures. There is no limit to the style. Whether it is a cool and handsome neutral style, a sweet and lovely girly style, or a dignified and elegant retro style, it can be easily created. It is recommended to choose fabrics with good drape and stiffness, and the length should be above the ankle so that the wearer will not look short and bloated.

Low Waist Miniskirt

Keywords: sexy / hot girl

The ultra-low-waisted short skirt is definitely the hottest style in the spring and summer of 2022. While reshaping the work suit, it also brings back the trend of the ultra-low-waist skirt. Like the rebellious girl in the school, it is a must-have item for fashionable long-legged beauties. The low-waisted and truncated design perfectly shows the waist curve, lengthens the leg line, and is advanced yet girlish.

Bottom Hem Decorative Skirt

Keywords: multi style / retro

With the return of the retro style, people’s nostalgia is rising day by day. The skirt is decorated with feathers, tassels, lace, and suspenders. Different materials are used to create a multi-dimensional style, which fully interprets the sweet, hot, sexy and charming.

Deconstructed Skirt

Keywords: deconstructed / asymmetrical / nontraditional split

The deconstructed skirt seems to stack the whole piece of fabric inadvertently, creating a staggered and asymmetrical effect. At the same time, from the perspective of practicality, it replaces the traditional split, which is better than the general wrap skirt, it is easier to get up and walk. The design highlights of the deconstructed skirt are the waist and split, so it is a good choice to match it with a navel knitted sweater, a camisole, and a cropped top, to show the sensuality and vitality of girls.

Balloon Skirt

Keywords: balloon shape / variable style

In the design of the balloon skirt, the lining is used to make a back pocket at the skirt to form a natural fluffy and wrinkled effect. In addition to matching T-shirts and sweet-style short jackets to create a cute temperament, you can also match them with slim suits. A variety of styles can fully express the charm and style of women.

Multi-layer Cupcake Dress

Keywords: retro / royal style

With the intensified retro style in recent years, the gorgeous and subtle Victorian style is refreshing. The layered cake skirt is rich in texture and fluffy and multi-layered cake tailoring creates a sense of royal glamour. Different materials can convey sweetness, wasteland, innocent, romantic and other very changeable temperament, it brings a girly feeling in the hot summer.

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