Structural Remodeling–The Trend of Children’s Shirt Profile

Children’s clothing styles are closely following the footsteps of ready-to-wear design. The design of shirt styles has become a popular item in the new season. When the complicated design is abandoned, it starts to focus on practicality and comfort, and the minimalist design continues in the shirt items. Go high and keep the structured shirt in a streamlined design. Find a balance between shape and softness, reflect the design sense of the style from different details, and interpret the popularity of the new season with a simple and modern silhouette.

Jacket Shirt

Shirts have always been a neutral item. The blurring of minimalism and gender boundaries is the main design concept. The new design combines fashionable appearance and practical performance. Because consumers tend to wear durable and practical versions, the jacket-style shirt version will continue in the spring and summer of 2022. A minimalist shirt with a neutral atmosphere, a wide collar, capable contour lines, and local contrasting stitching embellishments, simple but full of details.


The “asymmetrical” design that breaks the balance creates a sense of visual asymmetry through the splicing of fabrics with different patterns and materials. The selection of patterns is mainly based on the collision of striped plaid and color blocks, and the visual tension is expanded through deconstruction, and the three-dimensional decoration And the patchwork craftsmanship creates the childlikeness and personality of the style.

Umbrella Hem Shirt

The A-line design reveals a cute and sweet atmosphere in children’s clothing styles, showing a gentle and light shape. Through the splicing method, more volume space is added to the lower part of the shirt to form a fluffy hem, so that the simple shirt can be Incorporate a touch of romance.

Knotted Design

Tie-detailed shirts combine elements of long-sleeved shirts and tops with little bows for a new look. The design of the girl’s style is more prominent, and the knotted design of the neckline and hem gives an elegant temperament to the otherwise crisp and capable shirt. Using the scarf-style neckline to shape the tie knot of the shirt is not only fashionable, but also looks youthful and energetic, and has a more design sense.

Volume Sleeve

Signature sleeve shirts, puff sleeves, volume sleeves and angel sleeves are important new trends. Use shirring and stacking of fabric to shape and volume at the shoulders and cuffs. The cutout and flowing bodice balance volume at the shoulders and sleeves, and

Box Sleeve

The loose and comfortable box-shaped mid-sleeve design has entered the children’s clothing market after hitting the ready-to-wear market, and has become a new trend in children’s shirts for spring and summer 22. The loose fit is the key to keeping it comfortable. Simple and neat tailoring is undoubtedly the best choice. The visual punch brought by the matching of contrasting colors is the outfit that can best show the temperament. It has a neutral and sassy feeling with the same color or jeans.

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