Strict Quality Control

Quality management is crucial in the process of clothing production to ensure the desired quality of the final products. Here are our steps and measures involved in quality management during our clothing production process:

  1. Material procurement and inspection: Select high-quality fabrics, buttons, zippers, and accessories, and conduct rigorous inspections to ensure they meet quality standards and specifications.

  2. Process and operation control: Ensure that each production process follows the correct techniques and operating standards. Monitor and control the production flow to avoid any omissions or errors.

  3. Tech pack and sample confirmation: Create detailed tech packs and samples and obtain approval from clients. This ensures that the production team understands the product specifications and quality requirements.

  4. Production line inspection: Conduct sampling inspections on the production line to check for compliance with appearance, dimensions, and craftsmanship requirements. Identify and resolve potential quality issues promptly.

  5. Finished product inspection: Perform comprehensive quality inspections on finished products, including checking stitching, decorations, printing, and embroidery details. Ensure that the products have an intact appearance and fine craftsmanship.

  6. Quality records and traceability: Establish quality records to track and document quality information for each product, including material suppliers, production processes, and inspection results. This facilitates quality traceability and problem-solving.

  7. Training and awareness enhancement: Provide training for employees to ensure they understand quality standards and operating requirements. Cultivate their quality consciousness and sense of responsibility.

  8. Nonconforming product handling: Establish a mechanism for handling nonconforming products, promptly addressing and disposing of products that do not meet the required standards to prevent them from entering the market.

  9. Feedback and improvement: Regularly collect feedback from customers and the market, analyze quality issues, and implement improvements to continuously enhance product quality and customer satisfaction.

By implementing these quality management measures, we can effectively control quality issues during the production process, ensuring that the final products meet the required standards.

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