SOMEWHERE-Menswear Color Trend Warning

Somewhere--inspiration color

The inspiration of Somewhere comes from the colorful and beautiful scenery. The past life is restricted by the epidemic, and the freedom of vacations, parties and even dining out has been deprived for a long time. Once you recover, conform to your desires, portray the eagerly anticipated beauty in concrete terms, and deliver it in front of you, so that you will have the illusion that your dreams come true. Embrace nature freely, touch new life, SOMEWHERE, travel everywhere.

Somewhere--design element

The key design elements under the theme, combined with the state of leisure and vacation, integrate the natural scenery into the design concept. Mainly plant fiber materials, pure cotton materials, silk blended fabrics and delicate and soft knitted fabrics, through soft skin-friendly fabrics and a comfortable and fit shape, it meets the pursuit of freedom and comfort in vacation life. Exquisite eye-catching details and natural printing visuals further enhance the holiday atmosphere and create fashionable holiday outfits.

Somewhere--color story

The four color series are: Seaside Impression, Ciao! Desert Mirage, OXY, Time Filter; describe four scenes of seaside vacation, desert party, winery outskirts, and retro sports respectively. “Seaside Impression” uses bright and bright orange and yellow tones to depict the freedom and joy of seaside vacation; “Ciao! Desert Fantasy” uses earth colors to embellish fluorescent green to create a passionate music space; “OXY” uses fresh green tones with gentleness Pink tone pursues the oxygen of the soul; the “time filter” travels through time in the camera, seeking a dialogue between time and space in retro colors.

Somewhere--Seaside Impression

The seaside image uses the beach as the scene, constructing a picture of a happy vacation with friends from sunrise to night, whether passionate surfing or drinking and chatting under the sunset, full of leisure and freedom. The interweaving of warm oriole orange and spectral yellow interprets the gentleness of the afterglow of the sunset and the sea. It is embellished with bright green and combined with patterns and patterns such as marine life to unfold the reverie of a free holiday at the seaside.

Somewhere--Ciao! Desert Mirage

CIAO! Desert Space uses the Desert Music Festival as the inspirational background to construct a utopian world, and creates a dream garden that spans the differences of different cultures and eras through a desert space full of vitality and vitality. The main tone is chestnut brown and apricot yellow in earth tones, and fluorescent green is embellished to enhance the visual tension. The plants and flowers are ingeniously deformed and camouflage elements are used to enhance the sense of vitality, which perfectly opens a new prelude to a vacation in the desert Eden.


Rows of high-rise buildings make the human brain on the verge of hypoxia. OXY uses oxygen as the topic. Through the relaxing vacations in suburban wineries, it perfectly shows people’s desire to get close to nature, full of relaxation and freedom. This series is based on green, adding colors such as quartz powder and fantasy orange to enhance visual richness, adding vitality and relaxation, adding plant flowers and other flower patterns, looking forward to the future dialogue about nature.

Somewhere--Time Filter

“Time is gone and never goes back, the past can only be reminiscent.” Inspired by the filter of the time camera, this theme launches a journey of retro sports, interpreting the fashion of leisure sports and the concept of genderlessness under the retro filter. Combining pomegranate purple and mustard green to set the retro keynote, embellish bright tomato orange, create a strong leisure and vacation atmosphere, add the main theme of white balance, and use palm trees, basketball courts, tape recorders, etc. as media to separate from the lost youth. Empty appointment.

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