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Soft Pink Rose – Color Trends for Infants and Toddlers

Key Color | Soft Pink Rose

The key color for infants and toddlers in 23/24 autumn and winter – soft pink rose (PANTONE 12-1212 TPG), like a sunshine in winter projected on the infant’s red cheeks, is a perfect blend of childishness and sweetness. Soft pink roses can be spread out on a wide range in a single product, or brighten the whole ensemble as an embellishment color. It is practicable for knitted, velvet-like materials and other fabrics, and the development of single products such as coats, rompers, and bumsters, which keep infants and toddlers warm and convey their sweetness and cuteness to the winter.

Look refinement

Infants’ calm and clarity are portrayed by soft pink rose in the Look refinement, which primarily matches its vast portions with light or similar hues while displaying a relaxed and sophisticated attitude. Light gray, white, and soft pink rose hues with a smoother overall tone; Blue and soft pink rose color scheme will heighten the contrast between hues, resulting in a more layered look.

Pattern details & fabric process

Knitted and velvet fabrics are the primary design components in the Soft Pink Rose pattern details and fabric craftsmanship. On coats and accessories, jacquard and embroidery work perform well to improve the design. This theme’s primary pattern, the floral one, goes well with the soft pink rose. The primary design element of fall and winter down jackets is derivative stitching. In addition, the velvet fabric provides a smooth touch and wrapping, which offers the infant a sense of security and relaxation.

Color scheme inspiration

The emphasis of this color scheme inspiration is on overall visual contrast and coordination. The combination of soft pink rose and similar rose wine hue enhances the expression of pink; hickory brown contrasts with soft pink rose create a pleasant winter scene; and brilliant white brightens the whole image.

Product grouping

Product grouping with soft pink rose to create a lovely warm clothing match in winter, which is well expressed in the woolen material, or with brown corduroy patchwork to enrich the overall sense of layering; the integration of rose wine color to make the overall more cogent; embroidered components give the collection more of a design sense by adding richness at the level of color and style.

Color display

This set of group merchandise features a pink color scheme, with rose wine and hickory brown. In the fashion display matching, it is important to consider the series of hanging rod sense, and in the store accessories to maintain consistency with the series, and to pay attention to the different colors staggered with, to create layers of depth and make the series of products appear more complete.

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