Skillful Embroidery — the Trend of the Pattern Technology of Men’s and Women’s Clothing

A variety of embroidery patterns are shown here. Through continuous renovation of designers, this article provides diversified and new methods with eye-catching presentations such as heterogeneous addition, shiny embroidery, plush touch, tridimensional embroidery and edge decoration. More dimensional-iterative upgrading enable more excellent embroidery pattern processes widely used, injecting creativity and fashion into pattern expression and ushering in more fashionable cloth.

Heterogeneous Addition

Embroidery paste/layer stacking/different material decoration

It is popular for men’s clothing pattern technology design to use leather, denim, cloth and other heterogeneous materials combined with embroidery technology to attach to a single item, and it is constantly displayed in more innovative designs. This kind of embroidery technique, however, hard to take its full effect in patterns with large are, its combination with paste to embellish in fragment can generate a more intensified impressions.

Flash Embroidery

Beaded embroidery/sequin decoration/nail ornament

Bead-slide embroidery, also known as bead embroidery, is generally made of hollow beads, beads-pipe, artificial gems, and flash beads, which are embroidered on clothes to make it dazzling. You can combine the multicoloured beads with the change of color, or create a more delicate pattern expression with the plane embroidery, adding infinite charm to the dress.

Plush Touch

Towel embroidery/wool trace/cartoon woolen

As more brands are taking plush-touch embroidery back to our eyes, towel embroider, wool stitch is applied ceaselessly, which empower them a certain degree of thickness, a little stereometric visual feeling added to fashionable and casual style.

Tridimensional Embroidery

Partial decoration/ Tridimensional touch

Different from flat embroidery stitch, tridimensional embroidery stitch will gradually become the mainstream. Compared with plane embroidery, tridimensional embroidery is relatively hard, which is not suitable for graphs with large-area. It is generally used in local decoration. In practical use, it can be combined with plane embroidery, stitch embroidery, printing to enhance visual presentation.

Edge Decoration

Chain hem/stitch trim/enhanced edge

Chain clasp strengthens the edge of the pattern with stitch decoration, and can use patterns of different materials and different colors to complete the embroidery pattern expression in the form of line carving, which is full of strong manual style, and brings more personalized and interesting feelings in the form of local decoration.

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