Silhouette Innovation–Women’s Cotton/Down Jacket Silhouette Trend

Down jackets are not only functional items but also fashion items. Fashion has become a factor that consumers must consider when buying down jackets. This AW season’s design mid-week is ingenious. The cotton/down jackets after the “model revolution” are particularly thin. It not only takes into account the charm, but also brings unique fashion styles, and effectively resists the cold current.

Flight Jacket

Based on the silhouette of the classic bomber jacket, it incorporates the down-filled characteristics of cotton down jackets. the technical processing of micro-filled cotton and down, and the quilting decoration of geometric lines, bringing a comfortable and warm feeling. Combining the exaggerated sleeves brings a sense of fashion to the silhouette while retaining the functional design and style of some military tooling.

Straight Shirt Jacket

The minimalist straight shirt jacket gives a light and comfortable visual effect. Narrowed fitting reduces the swelling contour of cotton, down jacket. It will make a straight shirt jacket more fashionable by using high-quality material and some unique pocket design.

Loose A-Shape

The feature of narrow top and wide bottom could adjust the ratio of shoulder to crotch properly. The length could cover the hip just right matching with an A-shape silhouette, giving the single product a girly sense of pretty and cute.

This type of shape is very suitable for the pear-shaped bodies of Asian women, and it is also optimized effectively for body proportion by exposing the leg line in a large area.

Waist Puffy Jacket

Waist puffy jackets give the feeling of fluffy and swollen. In this collection, we still maintain the puffy style and the length of the clothes moves down to the hip line. Tuck the waist to accentuate your body shape by matching a belt. 

Suit Style Bathrobe

Designer in this season combines the suit and bathrobe, reducing the swollen feeling of cotton and down jacket by designing a concise and capable suit collar.

Elongated Cotton Cloth

The oversized silhouette continues to be hot. Through the fluffy filling and exaggerated neck shape style, the oversized cotton down jacket is more exaggerated. Wearing this single product has a unique personality.

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