Sample Policy

Samples without Tech Pack Services

Before placing your sample order, we kindly request that you carefully review our sample policy to ensure a smooth and efficient process. This will help us avoid any unnecessary misunderstandings and modifications.

1. Delivery Time: Our standard delivery time for samples is between 7 and 30 days after all details have been confirmed. Please note that any changes made during the process or late submission of designs for embroidery, printing, etc., may require us to restart the timeline once everything is finalized.

2. Sample Order Requirements: If you choose not to use our tech pack services, it is essential that you provide us with all the necessary details, including:
    a. Fabric: Specify the fabric type, color, and weight.
    b. Measurements: Provide comprehensive measurements such as clothing length, bust width, waist width, hem width, hip width, sleeve length, sleeve opening width, inseam length, outseam length, etc. The more detailed the measurements, the better.
    c. Embroidery or Printing: Supply the source files in PSD or AI format and indicate the dimensions and exact placement of the embroidery or printing.
    d. Labels or Tags: Share the source files in PSD or AI format for the production of labels or tags. 

3. Attention to Detail: We will strictly follow your provided requirements for the samples. However, if certain details are missing, we will make the samples in the most appropriate manner. Please be aware that without sufficient information, the final results may not align precisely with your expectations.

4. Commencement of Sample Production: Once you have confirmed all the details, we will initiate the sample production process. This involves purchasing the fabrics, creating the paper pattern, designing the embroidery, creating printing screens, fabric cutting, and sewing the samples.

5. Cancellation Policy: We understand that sometimes circumstances change, and you may need to cancel your sample order. We are happy to work with you to support your decision and offer partial or full refunds depending on the stage of the process.
  1). If you cancel your order before we begin sourcing fabrics, you are eligible for a full refund.
  2). If you cancel your order after we have begun sourcing fabrics, but before we begin working on the tech packs, you are eligible for an 80% refund.
  3). If you cancel your order after we have begun working on the tech packs, but before we begin making the samples, you are eligible for a 60% refund.
  4). If you cancel your order after we have begun making the samples, but before they are finished, you are eligible for a 40% refund.
  5). If you cancel your order after the samples are finished, but before we have shipped them to you, you are eligible for a 20% refund.
  6). If the samples have already been shipped to you, unfortunately, we are not able to offer a refund.

6. Modifications and Additional Costs: We understand that during the sample development process, you may want to make changes or adjustments. Please note that any modifications requested along the way may incur additional costs. These costs are necessary to cover the expenses associated with revising materials, labor, and any other resources required to implement the changes. We will provide you with a detailed quote for any additional costs before proceeding with the modifications, ensuring transparency and clarity in the process.

Samples with Tech Pack Services

The whole process is just as the above except STEP 2 where you need to provide us everything.

In this step, our designers will create the detailed tech packs for you to confirm.

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