Sample Policy

Samples without Tech Pack Services

Before you place the sample order, please read our sample policy carefully to understand our process, so we can avoid any unnecessary misunderstanding and modification.

1. Normally, our delivery time for samples is 7-30 days after you confirm the details. If you make any changes along the way or you provide the designs for embroidery, printing, etc. quite late, we have to restart the timer when everything is confirmed.

2. For sample orders without tech pack services, you need to provide all the details
    a. fabric – type, color, weight.
    b. measurements – we need clothing length, bust width, waist width, hem width, hip width, sleeve length, sleeve opening width, inseam length, outseam length, etc., the more the better.
    c. embroidery or printing – we need the source files in PSD or AI format. Please inform the dimension of the embroidery or printing and the exact placement.
    d. labels or tags – we need the source files in PSD or AI format ready for production.

3. We will make the samples strictly according to your requirements. In case you can’t provide all the details, we will make the samples in the most appropriate way, but the final results might not be exactly what you have in mind if not enough detailed information is provided.

4. Once you confirmed the details, we will start to work on samples, which means, we will buy the fabrics, create the paper pattern, make embroidery designs, create the printing frames, cut the fabrics, sew the samples, etc.

5. We understand you might want to cancel the sample order for whatever reason after you make the payment, we will do our best to support your decision. In case you cancel your order, we will refund you the sample money fully or partially.
    a. After you make the payment but before we start sourcing the fabrics, you can get a full refund.
    b. After we start to source the fabrics by sending you the pictures of the fabrics to confirm, you can get a refund of 80%.
    c. After we start to work on the tech packs where you communicate with our designers or assistants the details of the samples, you can get a refund of 60%.
    d. After we start to work on samples by working on the paper pattern, the printing & embroidery, or cutting and sewing the sample, you can get a refund of 40%.
    e. After we finish the samples but before we send them to you, you can get a refund of 20%.
After we send you the samples, there will be no refund.

If you want to change anything along the way, there will be some extra costs.

Samples with Tech Pack Services

The whole process is just as the above except STEP 2 where you need to provide us everything.

In this step, our designers will create the detailed tech packs for you to confirm.