Roadside Picnic–Themed Plan for Women’s Spring Outing

Roadside Picnic--Themed Plan for Women's Spring Outing

Spring is blooming, and a good time for outing has arrived. Under this theme style, bright colors and fresh prints are used on the clothing to create a style full of pastoral tonality. Through the design interpretation of different items, it presents A sweet and romantic capsule collection.


Under the tonality of this theme, pastoral small broken flowers and flower clusters are used as the theme patterns throughout the entire series. The colors are mainly bright colors, showing the romantic pastoral atmosphere of spring.

Slip Dress

The suspender dress outlines the feminine and graceful material through the waisted silhouette. The pattern uses broken flowers and small flower clusters to create a pastoral feel, and the strap element brings a gentle girlish feeling, which together create a sweet and fresh style.

Holiday Dress

The slender skirt shape is one of the important trends in the new season. The printing and embroidery craftsmanship with a sense of vacation gives the whole an elegant vacation feeling, as if you are at the seaside, showing a relaxed and romantic aesthetic attitude.

Flying Sleeve Dress

Through the design of flying sleeves in different ways, a sense of accumulation is created, forming a natural sleeve cover, and it can move freely and stretch at will. It is suitable for vacation and outdoor wear, presenting a sense of pastoral atmosphere.


As an essential item in the wardrobe, the camisole will be presented with a new look every season. It can be worn on the outside as well as on the inside. The length of the clothes is mainly truncated.

Long Pencil Skirt

The classic silhouette of the pencil skirt as a half-skirt item has been continued on the runway. Through the use of different pattern printing and pleating elements, as well as the choice of fabric materials, the single product design under this trend is jointly presented.

Crochet Top

The crochet element has recently been used by major brands and has become a new trend. Through the splicing of different parts, the sense of perspective created by the hollowing out of the pattern, and the avant-garde crochet wrapping the chest, the design point of this trend is presented together.

Sleeve Shaped Top

The shape of the sleeves has always been the focus of the design. Different sleeve shapes, lantern sleeves and leg of lamb sleeves are used to present different shapes. The fluffy sense of volume brings a romantic air feeling. 

Baby Blouse

Baby shirts are evolved from children’s clothing to create a girly feeling of age reduction. Through the design of the doll collar, the use of bows and strap elements, and the use of plaid floral elements on the fabric, it interprets the fresh pastoral romance.

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