Retro Street–Men’s T-shirt and Sweatshirt Silhouette Trend

T-shirts and sweaters, as the key categories developed every season, have always attracted attention. In the young market, Polo shirts have gradually taken a place. Different from the round neck and hooded shapes, Polo lapels can be designed with more changes. The young retro style temperament is very popular among young consumers. Mid-sleeve T-shirts that can be stacked and matched are also attracting more and more attention, and the sales method that emphasizes stacked and matched can attract customers more. At the same time, the mid-sleeve hooded sweater caters to the trend of stacking and mix-and-matching is also attracting attention; the wearable zipper hooded cardigan has returned again, presenting high-level quality with a high-street texture.

Loose Sleeve POLO

Layered Wear / Polo Lapel / Yarn-Dyed Stripes

The mid-sleeve Polo shirt can show more details in the design, with contrasting lapels or edge stripe yarn-dyed weaving, etc., bringing a different retro feel. Full of street style loose silhouette interpretation of uninhibited attitude, yarn-dyed or contrast stitching stripes create a young nostalgic feeling, to meet consumers’ love of young street fashion and retro culture.

Oversized Long Sleeve POLO

Volume profile / yarn-dyed stripes / contrast lapel / logo embroidery

The wide-volume long-sleeved Polo has a more youthful street trend, and the yarn-dyed stripes and contrast stitching are still used; the whole body positioning pattern printing can present a more unique visual effect. At the same time, there are exquisite and small badge label designs that are presented using embroidery or printing. The collar can be presented with contrasting colors or different materials, emphasizing the contrast with the body.

Quantity Middle Sleeve T-shirt

Quantity Profile / Layered Wear / Personalized Printing

The T-shirt with the loose sleeves profile design has always been the T-shirt profile that street fashion brands are keen on. The volume-sensing silhouette is not only comfortable to wear, but also highlights the presentation of popular patterns, interpreting the personality and trend attitude to the extreme. At the same time, layering can be used to create a sense of hierarchy and interpret a distinctive trend attitude.

Half Sleeve Hoodie

Short-Sleeved Sweater / Loose Box / Mix and Match Wear

The mid-sleeve hooded sweater is not common in the past few seasons, but with the rise of layering, mix and match, this silhouette is mostly used. Compared with the fixedness of the fake two pieces, the short-sleeved sweater brings more possibilities to wear. At the same time, expressive techniques such as individual patterns and accessories embellishment are used to increase the richness of the style.

Zip Hooded Sweater

Sweater Jacket / Placket Zipper / Personalized Printing

The zipper hooded cardigan styles that are easy to put on and take off have appeared in this season. The relatively loose silhouette with a hat also meets the practical needs of young people. Metal accessories are also one of the key points this season, which can be used as a zipper slider to play a decorative effect. Contrasting color stitching and printing embellishment are still the key points of the design. This silhouette is more suitable for the single product development of fashion casual style brands.

Pattern recommendation

Language and writing show the daily style, and the development of letter patterns on the runway is very significant, and it has always maintained one of the most important pattern themes. The technology-sense patterns will be more subtle than the previous performances, and the highly saturated bright colors stimulate the visual nerves of the viewers and meet the current public sensory needs. Using planetary elements for changes, combining them with color blocks or numbers, the comparison of text sizes and font conversion reveal the new design, and through clever color and modeling changes, it adds personality and interest.

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