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Pure-desire, Sweet and Cool – The Trend of Women Dresses’ Details

As one of the key products, dresses are indispensable in the development of each season. This report will give an interpretation of the trend of shirts from the following various details. Detail design, as an important part, shows the quality of craftsmanship while determining the overall style of wearing. The tensionsive hollow-outs, drawstrings and folds, high slit, overlapping sleeves, asymmetric single-shoulder design give a perfect interpretation of pure-desire spice style, full of the tension of avant-garde personality, without losing the girlish temperament. The bud cuffs and retro lapel collar give sweet and gentle interpretations to the retro resurgence this year.

Overlapping Sleeve

Opera glove / Pure-desire and sexy

As a popular trend of the coming season, overlapping sleeves give a visual effect of an integrating fake two pieces. The sleeves are made of gentle elastic fabrics, and the fake cappa without shoulder lines can hide your arm fat as well as bring you a lazy and romantic feeling.

Retro Lapel Collar

Draped Collar / Sweet and tender

The extended French retro lapel collar can reveal your deep V neck and is capable of lengthening your neck line. Meanwhile, the collars can be possessed with delicate decorative border, lace, hollow out, etc. to show the sweetness and romance of women.

High Slit Dress

Pure-desire and sexy / Asymmetric Structure

On the basis of original slit dresses, high slit dresses are added with more feelings. By employing the asymmetric oblique cutting, the dress reveals both avant-garde personality and feminine temperament. Guarantee you with brimming Queen’s aura.

Drawstring Fold Texture

Volume sensing overlapping / Delicate commute / Folding surface

Drawstring overlapping design adds a casual and sweet sense to overall style, the texture and craftsmanship enriches the body-skimming dress, makes its style more exquisite while modifying your body shape.

Tensive hollow-out

Extended tension / Irregular hollow-out

The extended tension design on the front imitates tearing stretching scenes, the trick can not only make you sexy, but also cleverly avoid to expose your waist where fat is very easy to be accumulated.

Asymmetric Single-shoulder Design

Slightly expose your shoulder / Individual and avant-garde / Sexy and mysterious

Single-shoulder dresses can be dated back to 1980s to 1990s, a French designer called Alixgres was the first one to create them. The mysterious attraction revealed by single-shoulder style leads the individual and avant-garde fashion attitude for it can expose your enchanting shoulder lines as well as freeze your confidence.

Bud Cuffs

Delicate and retro / sweet and graceful / Puff Sleeves

To interpret detailed trends, bud cuffs are always in hard texture and craftsmanship, they can form strong visual shock by making comparison with their great sleeve width, thus endowing you with a cute and sweet court style.

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