Outdoor Shirts–the Trend of Men’s Sports Items

Practical style dressing is still an important trend for outdoor items in the spring and summer of 2022. Minimalist outdoor style and pragmatic design are very popular. Therefore, the shirt style that combines these two points will surely become a popular item in spring and summer of 2022. Workwear style Multi-pocket update standard practical shirt, pocket stack or multi-pocket design can achieve eye-catching effect, using lightweight cotton or functional technical fabrics to present outdoor style, exquisite accessories become an indispensable element, practicality,one-clothing, multiple-wearing, inner wear Multi-purpose designs such as external wear and detachable storage are the focus of the new season.

Minimalist outdoor

Heat-cut bonding / waterproof zipper / single side pocket / tear-proof

Outdoor time trends are the key design elements of shirts. The minimalist style and seamless and eager craftsmanship give new ideas to outdoor shirts. While keeping the appearance simple, the invisible zipper provides storage requirements. It can also be hit by waterproof zipper laminated welt. Color embellishment, simple but not simple.

Fishing shirt

Mesh lining / UV protection / antibacterial wicking / practical and multifunctional

In order to meet the comfort and functionality of fishing or enjoying outdoor activities, functional fabrics with antibacterial perspiration and anti-ultraviolet rays are preferred for the material, the vents on the back, the mirror patch on the lower feet, and the multifunctional design that can roll up the sleeves. It is suitable for camping, hiking, and city wear.

Accessories decoration

Mesh lining / UV protection / antibacterial wicking / practical and multifunctional

Exquisite accessories are still the focus of the design of outdoor shirts. The use of zipper loops and D-ring fixation are all important design elements to improve the quality of the single product. The decoration of carabiner and webbing buckle updates the practical details of the shirt. The taste has an interesting design.

Half-open placket

Accessories decoration / practical pocket / retro military style

Combining retro military style with modern style, extended practical storage pockets, quarter zipper or half-open placket, outdoor sense accessories and cotton diagonal, canvas materials, not only can be worn alone, but also as an inner wear Inside the jacket.

Practical and multifunctional

Carryable / detachable / self-storable / hangable

Creating versatile shirts is a key item for daily or outdoor clothing. It pays attention to the detachable storage function. It can be hung outdoors and can free hands. It is a traditional outdoor item while solving the needs of consumers. Increase business value.

Wear inside and outside

Sun protection fabric / moisture absorption and quick drying / pocket decoration

Shirts that can be worn inside and outside are suitable for updating classic items, improving product versatility and repurchase rate. The material considers lightweight functional fabrics such as sun protection and tear resistance. The zipper opening method is convenient to put on and take off, and the style does not need to be over. Multi-design, using patch pockets to improve practicability and facilitate multi-scene conversion.


Outdoor tooling / large capacity can be stored / three-dimensional organ bag

Add the element of three-dimensional pockets, boldly redesign the shape and orientation of the pockets to facilitate safe access to items. The refreshing location and size make the patch pockets interesting. D-rings, webbing and other accessories are all available.

Modular splicing

Color patch stitching / zoom pocket / earth color system / wasteland style

In order to fit the trend of the theme of waste land, large areas of earth-color stitching and contrasting colors are used to continue to draw inspiration from outdoor mountaineering equipment. Consider cotton diagonal fabric or lightweight nylon. Pocket stitching of different materials and colors provides more Multiple storage functions.

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