Our Process: Every Step from Design to Delivery

As a custom clothing manufacturer, we utilize a detailed and comprehensive process to ensure our clients get exactly what they want. Our team works hand-in-hand with you to minimize errors and maximize delivery time, from the initial consultation and preorder process through production and delivery.

In this step-by-step guide, we will provide you with a detailed explanation of our process. We will also attempt to answer any and all questions you might have about ordering, production, delivery, and more.  

Sample Process

Bulk Order Process

Ordering Process F.A.Q.

Detailed Order Timeline

Bulk Order Production

Sample Process


Confirm whether or not we can produce the garments
Quote for samples / estimates for bulk orders
Answer customer questions

Customer makes payment

Invite customers to Notion

Confirm details

Customers who order tech packs will work with our designers to create them.
Customers who do not order tech packs must provide them

Purchase fabrics, trims, labels, etc.

Make paper patterns

Create samples


Embroidery & printing


Photograph the finished products and upload the photos to Notion

Make delivery

Bulk Order Process

  • Client places the order and makes payment
  • Details are confirmed
    1. Quantity for each size
    2. Changes to samples
  • New production samples are made and approved
  • Begin mass production
  • Package the finished products
  • Make Delivery

Ordering Process F.A.Q.

1. How can I get my designs produced?

We’ll start off by creating a detailed tech pack of your design. This contains all the relevant information our production team might need, including measurements, components, materials, etc.

2. Can I receive a sample first?

Of course! We prefer to provide samples before we begin filling a bulk order.

3. How much will it cost to produce a sample?

This depends on a lot of factors. We always do our best to minimize costs for our clients. If you contact one of our representatives, we can give a more accurate quote.

4. How much will my bulk order cost?

5. Can you source fabrics for me?

Absolutely! Our production team will work with you to ensure you get high-quality materials at the best possible prices. Once we find the materials, we can send you photos and color swatches for you to confirm.

6. What is your MOQ, and why do you have one?

MOQ stands for “minimum order quantity.” This is required in order to minimize both our costs and yours.
Our MOQ is 50 pieces per style per color for most of the items, you can mix 4-5 sizes at most. For small like baby clothing and underwear and seamless designs, the MOQ is 200 pieces per style per color.

7. Can I put logos on my garments?

Yes! We allow for logo printing on the garment itself as well as your tags, etc.

wash label

8. Will I receive a shipping estimate before production starts?

Yes! We will provide you with an EXW (Ex-works) cost before we start production. This is where the seller makes the product available at a specific location, and the buyer incurs the cost of transport.

Detailed Order Timeline


You should receive your sample 7 – 20 days after the fabrics arrive at our facility. This ensures that you can look over the garment and make sure the materials, construction, colors, sizing, etc. are all to your specifications.

Sample Order Payment

mms-blog-Sample Order Payment1-01

Once you decide which designs you’d like to produce and how you want them made, you can order a sample and make payment using PayPal, Bank Transfer, etc.

Design Confirmation

Once we get your order, we’ll verify every detail of your design to make sure it’s exactly what you want. Remember, if you want to change anything after you confirm, you may incur additional costs.

What We Need:

  • Design Photos – Whether you want to use a sketch or reference photos, you should provide visuals so our production team can better understand what you want.



  • Fabrics – You can provide us with detailed instructions on which fabrics you want, and we will source them for you. If you’re unsure what materials you should use, we are more than happy to provide you with expert advice. We will then supply you with photos, color swatches, and sample fabrics. However, we’ll only buy the fabrics for production after you approve them.
  • Size Information – We can provide you with different sizing labels (US size, UK size, etc.). You can choose which you prefer or even provide us with your own measurements.
  • Color – If you want, you can provide us with the color you’d like your sample to come in. Alternatively, we can send you swatches to choose from as well.
  • Printing – You’re free to add logos and other patterns to your garments. All you need to do is send us source files. However, don’t forget to detail the exact size and placement of the pattern. If you’re unsure about patterns or logos, we’re happy to provide you with in-house design services at affordable prices.
  • Embroidery – If you want your pattern to be embroidered on your garment, simply provide us with the files and details on how / where you’d like it done.
  • Labeling / Tagging – We’re more than happy to create branded labels for you. Simply send us files of the label design and tell us what size you’d like them to be.

Fabric Confirmation / Sourcing

Once you confirm the fabric selection, we will start sourcing them from the manufacturers. This can take some time, so it’s a good idea to provide your feedback as quickly as possible.

Pattern Creation  

Once all the fabrics are delivered, we can create a paper pattern. This will later serve as the template for producing your sample.

Sample Production 

Once the paper pattern is ready and approved, we will manufacture your sample according to your specifications.

Sample Delivery

Once the sample is finished, we will provide you with photos, videos, etc. to show you all of the details. If you approve, the product will be packed and shipped to you.

Sample Evaluation / Modifications

Once you receive the sample, you can let us know if we need to make any modifications to the design before we begin bulk production.

Bulk Order Production

Within 20-45 days of your confirming the production samples, the production process will begin. This is where we actually start creating your garments and shipping them to you for sale / distribution.

Bulk Order Confirmation

At this point, we will confirm all of the information regarding your bulk order, from size and quantity to shipping information and more.


Once we have your order in place, we will start the grading process. This is where we generate a range of sizes for a single garment style. This will either increase or decrease the size of the original garment without changing the shape.

Fabric Purchase

Once grading is complete, we will have a better idea of how much fabric we will need to produce the order. We can then purchase those fabrics from our suppliers.

Production Sampling

For every bulk production process, we will create another sample in order to get client confirmation.


As soon as we get approval from you, we begin production immediately.


Once your garments are completed, we will pack them according to your specifications. Generally, they are packaged in plastic bags and then cartons or boxes. This process is included in your initial costs providing you don’t require special packaging.


The final step is delivering your garments to your specified location. The cost of shipping will ultimately depend on the delivery company. You can choose your own or select from our network of providers.

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