No Fear of Wind and Rain-The Trend of Details of Jackets

Under popular trends such as the diversification of outdoor clothing, the understanding of outdoor clothing is also quietly changing. Optimized protective material innovation and exquisite design are important elements to meet consumers’ new commuting and lifestyles, and practical functions have become supportive of all-day activities. Cufflinks,practical hooks, side zippers, and other details can be the finishing touch. The protective high collar design enhances the practicability of the style, which solves the needs of consumers for light outings and adds its commercial value to traditional outdoor items. 

Right-Handed Zipper

The seemingly unremarkable design incorporates a small practical design into the zipper pocket. In order to solve the need for outdoor activities to unzip the zipper with one hand, the oblique visual position makes the small pocket interesting. The waterproof zipper design is optional which you can use laser cutting or heat sealing.

Face Protection

This multi-purpose jacket has the function of a ski suit. The protection function is the key to the design. The high-neck face protection function is added to prevent cold air and dust from entering, and it is designed with an adjustable and breathable layer to keep the interior dry and warm.

New Adjustable Cuff

Consumers pay more attention to the materials of the accessories. The latest cylindrical lattice O-buckle design and adjustment pull buckle revolutionize the use of traditional Velcro. Patches of different materials are cut with a variety of shapes and patterns to increase interest or to hide the Velcro on the bottom surface which can enhance practicality and practical beauty.

Playful Hood

23 S/S jackets turn more towards the design of hats. The brim stitching design is used for classic silhouette styles. The hats are designed with practicality and practical aesthetics. The creative side buckle adds fun to the shape. It has storage and disassembly functions to increase its convenience.

Fixed Buckle

In order to cater to people’s increasing demand for multi-scene conversions of mountain peaks and snowfields and to enjoy outdoor theme styles, hooks are used to create sophisticated designs, which add practical functions to multi-purpose jackets, which can be used to fix mountaineering and ski pants to prevent jackets from upturning. Raise or fix the middle layer in order to carry out large-scale activities and free your hands.

Partial Stuffed

Incorporating outdoor practical elements and fashion trends, a comfortable middle layer suitable for multiple seasons has become a must-have choice. Lightweight and warmth are the focus of attention. Partially spliced ​​and thickened garment pieces can increase warmth. Lightweight bio-component heat-insulating fabrics can also be used. Add a layer of heat insulation effect, enhance the design sense through trapezoidal and irregular square quilting, and use the same color as possible to conform to the outdoor theme.

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