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After the outbreak, the early “Athleisure” trend has been strengthened, and a new category “Workleisure” suitable for formal occasions has been extended. Yoga pants and other comfortable sportswear have become a fashion trend, even gradually there is a trend to replace jeans. In August 2021, jeans manufacturer Levi Strauss & Co. moved to the field of yoga clothes, which was regarded by industry observers as an important turning point. “Shanghai White Collar Health Index White Paper” shows that incorporate health management measures, the most popular one is to provide physical exercise benefits, far exceeding working hours reform, disease screening, and other options.


The gym is becoming the third space for young people to socialize. This is a space outside of the family’s living space (the first space) and work (the second space), and is not restricted by utilitarian relations. This report focuses on the hottest fitness lifestyle at the moment, outlines three scenes of contemporary women’s daily fitness and life, starting from the scenes to create styles in different dimensions. Scene one focuses on women’s fitness life in the workplace; scene two focuses on family fitness needs; scene three cuts into the daily outing for fitness and leisure scenes.

Scene 1: CBD fitness plan Workingleisure

With the emergence of new gyms such as Super Gorilla and Leke Sports, self-service fitness and group class models are rapidly occupying young fitness groups. At the same time, companies have launched employee health management: corporate fitness courses, internal gyms, etc. The scenes of exercise and work continue to merge, and the demand for dressing of workplace people who use lunch break and afternoon tea time to exercise makes Althleisure slowly evolve into Workingleisure.

Key features LOOK

Modeling points: suit jacket + sports underwear + yoga pants

As consumers’ interest in health and fitness increases, people’s daily dresses give priority to the comfort and versatility of clothes. Yoga pants and other comfortable sportswear have become a fashion trend and become a substitute for jeans. Yoga pants provide the greatest convenience for working-day fitness consumers. Sports underwear replaces ordinary underwear, with a mid-length suit jacket or shirt, and seamless switching between sports and commuting scenes.

Combination of goods

Key items: one-handed long suit jacket / sports underwear / yoga pants / shirt / cycling pants

A crisp suit is indispensable as an iconic business item. In addition to the crisp suit fabric, more comfortable knitted fabrics can be used instead. The windbreaker category can be increased in early spring. The material can be made of fully waterproof and breathable functional fabrics. In addition to cycling pants and yoga pants, trousers can be added with high-stretch leggings. The middle seam of the pants is the main point to increase the business temperament. The colors are based on achromatic colors with high-brightness colors.

Scene 2: Home Cozy

Home gym / comfortable home wear / home indoor sports

The home fitness market that has been “carried out” by the epidemic indicates that home fitness is still a trend. In China, Keep completed the $360 million financing of the SoftBank Vision Fund and the cumulative financing scale of the family fitness upstart FITURE of $400 million, both announcing the beginning of a new era of China’s family fitness consumption.

Key features LOOK

Styling points: home wear sweater + yoga clothing & seamless underwear + yoga pants

Under the influence of the epidemic, the market segment of home fitness showed a spurt of development. At the same time, satisfying home, sports, and going out for a short time are the key points of styling in this scene. This style has also been fully continued in this season’s show. The mix and match between loose and comfortable home clothes and yoga clothes has created a new style.

Combination of goods

Key items: seamless underwear / boxing pants / loose homewear sweaters & sweaters / knitted yoga pants

Easy to put on and take off woolen items are indispensable in this hanging rod. You can refer to the styles of home clothes, with a minimalist sports bra or seamless underwear with a sense of craftsmanship, which can meet the needs of home fitness and daily activities. Yoga clothes are recommended. More comfortable seamless knitting technology, loose and comfortable boxing pants are the main points of this season. The color is a combination of pastel and blue with a strong home atmosphere and achromatic.

Scene 3: Community Aerobics of New Oxygen Community

Yoga Life Hall / Relaxation / Community Life

Today, when the “her economy” is prevalent, women have gradually become an important user group in the fitness industry in recent years. According to statistics, female users account for over 60% of fitness apps. The rise of female fitness KOLs has further ignited women’s fitness enthusiasm. In first- and second-tier cities, there are more and more boutique fitness studios focusing on women.

Key features LOOK

Modeling points: casual jacket + yoga clothes + loose track pants

The granularity that matches the “life of everyone” in the city is the “community”, and various community spaces carry a variety of services to meet various life needs. The style of this group is matched with the main high-street sports style. Stitching, eye-catching sports colors, and bold letter declarations are the key elements.

Combination of goods

The shape of this group is more daring and comfortable. The bulky spliced ​​jacket made of functional fabrics is the key point. You can also try the quilted vest. The pleated skirt is a single product that is very worth investing in. The color is more stable and scarlet than poppy red with striking golden brown.

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