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Let us handle all your clothing development and manufacturing needs so you can create the clothing brand of your dreams.

MMS Clothing is the manufacturer of choice for 100+ clothing brands across the world

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Finding a manufacturer for your clothing line can be challenging

You are an independent designer. You have a creative passion to build a fashion business you’ll love. But the production side of the business is not as easy as they make it seem.
You need to identify suppliers, find quality fabrics, and ensure the final design and make of your clothing meets your high standards.
No one who wants to develop their independent clothing line should have to go through these many headaches.
So, do what the major labels and high-end fashion houses do. Find an independent apparel manufacturer to handle the time-consuming tasks so you can focus on your creative energies and marketing needs.

Replace “Ummm where do I start?” with your high-quality fashion line from a leading full-service clothing manufacturer

MMS Clothing is the custom clothing manufacturer of choice for hundreds of small and start-up brands to build their fashion lines. You get everything under one roof – or state-of-the-art factory – to ensure the best quality clothing.

If you’ve been Googling to find a manufacturer to make your clothing, then …

Launch the future fashion

Imagine launching future fashion from the comfort of your home. As your full package clothing manufacturer, we will handle all the necessary details to take your fashion line from idea to completion.

About MMS Clothing

Led by an experienced businessman and a FIT graduate, MMS Clothing takes pride in helping emerging designers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses bring their fashion ideas to life.

We are a small design and manufacturing house. So you can expect personalized service and attention to detail.

We understand both the design and business areas of taking a fashion line from concept to collection. So, whether this is your first run or you’re looking to scale, MMS Clothing can quickly get you to where you need to be.

Explore how working with us helps you get your fashion line to market faster.

The MMS Clothing Advantage

One-Stop Solution

Forget about dealing with multiple suppliers. Enjoy our full-package services from design, sourcing, production, labels, to delivery.

Faster Turnaround

Our creative process includes your input from start to finish. This allows faster development and sign-off on your finished designs.

mms-no moq


Lower your inventory risk with our low minimum order quantity. You can start small and scale as your business grows. No need to overstock.

Our Customers Love Us

Latoya Galloway from Alabama

Designer, Owner & CEO of Gentleman G-Pipe Collection

I was nervous at first about choosing an overseas manufacturer, because I wasn’t sure communication would be. But once I communicated with MMS Clothing, I knew that I have made the right choice.

MMS is a profession with communication. They answered all of my emails in a timely manner, even though we are in different time zone and different parts of the world. I communicated also with video calls.

The quality of the work they provided to me was unrealistic. The materials are high in quality not cheap anyway. They worked with me every step of the way so I could ensure they provided me with the exact product that I asked for.

The shipping is quick and easy. I received all of my products in probably 4 days. Their price is amazing and competitive

I would definitely continue my partnership with them is as I continue to grow my brand.  And I promise if you choose MMS Clothing you will not be disappointed.

How MMS Clothing Helps You Build Your Dream Fashion line

This is the creative and business process that helps 100s of start-up fashion brands create their clothing line.

Step 1. Free initial consultation

Hop on a call and get all your questions answered. We’ll outline how the process works and help you calculate the total cost of your project. You can even take a virtual tour of our state-of-art manufacturing facility to see where your fashion line will come to life.

Step 2. Development – from sketches to tech pack

Send us your design sketches and our professional design team will work with you to create samples and detailed tech packs. These specifications are yours to do with as you like, even submitting to other clothing manufacturers, and you’ll always get a uniformed result.

Step 3. Design and manufacturing

Our highly skilled manufacturing team will take your designs and bring them to life. As part of our process, we take care of sourcing high-quality, affordable fabrics and making your clothing. Quality checks are done before, during, and after production.

Finally, we handle labeling, packaging, and shipping to you.

Advantages of manufacturing your clothing line overseas

Manufacturing in China is about affordable, high-quality production that helps you increase your profit margin.

China is known for its business-friendly environment for international businesses. That’s why you can find many high-end brands are made in China.

China manufactures all types of material needed to develop high-quality fashion brands. That’s why so many luxury and budget brands have their production factories based in China.

The lower material, labor, and productions costs make it more cost-effective to outsource manufacturing your clothing line.

Avoid making these mistakes with your fashion brand

  • Ordering too much inventory when you’re just starting out
  • High manufacturing costs that eat away at your profits
  • Inferior quality clothing that cost you customers
  • Supply chain and order fulfillment problems that frustrate your customers

Let’s bring your fashion vision to life and avoid the downfalls of starting and growing a new clothing brand.


Low MOQ and faster delivery equals better cash flow management for you

MOQs start at 1 piece per style per color, significantly lower than most clothing manufacturers in China or USA. With our standard delivery, you can get your final product in 7-30 days. For bulk orders, our turnaround time is 20-45 days.

Replenish your stock as you need to and manage your cash flow for better returns.

Better outsourcing means more time to grow your business

Dealing with one production and manufacturing supplier frees up your time to focus on marketing, sales, and growing your fashion brand. Working with MMS Clothing also puts you at an advantage with more affordable clothing yet higher quality output.

Better quality control every step of the way

From our in-depth consultation to your high-quality tech packs, you get a personalized approach to creating your fashion line. Plus, we inspect all material entering our production floor, and conduct quality assessments during and after production.

Inclusive production process means no unwelcome surprises at the end

Join your private Notion page to keep track of your clothing line fabrication. Here, you can confirm fabrics, see samples, check finished designs, and request changes.

Still not sure? We can help you decide.

Our team speaks fluent English so there won’t be any communication issues. Plus, we are easily accessible during work hours via email, phone, and social media, so we are always just a click away.

Let’s have a no-obligation, free consultation.

The sooner you start, the faster you get your fashion line to market.
Join these many successful USA fashion brands that chose MMS Clothing

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