Launch Your Fashion Brand with the MMS Clothing Line Incubator

The ultimate solution for aspiring designers like you to validate your fashion business idea while still making money. Join the incubator today and:

MMS Clothing Line Incubator
Where the business of fashion gets a complete jumpstart

The MMS Clothing Line Incubator gives aspiring brand owners access to the resources to start their fashion line at scale, validate their designs, and build lucrative businesses without the initial heavy investments of time and money.

Starting a fashion line can be a very expensive venture – with no guarantee of success

The traditional process of bringing a new fashion line to market can be very time-consuming and expensive. It can cost anywhere between $5,000-$10,000 to get a fashion line started. And most processes require all this money up-front before you can start selling anything.

You’ll need to invest in:

Now, if you’re on a tight budget, you may need to do all that on your own. And it’s a big learning curve if you don’t have any experience in clothing design and production.

Plus, all this is at a risk.

Because there is no guarantee that after all that money and hard work that you’ll have a successful clothing line.

It could all go downhill from there – no sales and an overstock of products that you can’t move.

So, what’s the alternative?

Introducing the MMS Clothing Line Incubator

The MMS Clothing Line Incubator gives you a chance to bypass the expensive and time-consuming process. We give you an opportunity to start your clothing line even if you don’t have the money to go the traditional route.

How It Works

The clothing line incubator works, even if …

Joining the incubator gives you a lean start-up at 1/10 of the traditional investment

Why Become a Member of the MMS Clothing Line Incubator?

Because of these simple words:

It’s cheaper and less risky!

At MMS, our team of fashion and design professionals take the reins for design, marketing, and fulfillment. That way, you can validate your fashion business line before making a full commitment to it.

We limit our incubator participants to 50 at a time, so make sure to get in while there is space for you.

It’s the ultimate fashion incubator for aspiring designers

MMS Clothing is a leading clothing manufacturer in China. We’ve helped thousands of start-ups launch and grow their fashion brands, so we know exactly what you’ll need to grow yours.

With our clothing line incubator, you get our full expertise with minimal investment costs.  

Enjoy the profits with none of the traditional risks.

Start your fashion line with only $40.

We’re helping you launch a global fashion brand without the costs and hassle. Propel your fashion business forward faster with the MMS Clothing Line Incubator.

But is this too good to be true?

And you get a complete fashion line ready for market in 10-14 days instead of the traditional 20-30 days.

So, you may be thinking that this all seems too good to be true. What’s in it for us?

Here’s how we make this process work for both you and our team.

We decide the fabric choice

We order fabric in bulk to create our current clients’ fashion lines. So, if you use the same type of fabric, we can reduce your MOQ.

We decide the final design

The ideas are yours and will remain yours, and we adjust based on your feedback. It is your fashion line, after all. But too much feedback and trying to find the perfect design can lead to costly redesigns. So, the final call is ours.

We get 30% of all sales

We market your designs on our online platform and when the sales come in, we get 30%.

So, take the plunge and enjoy all the benefits

Low Start-Up Costs

You only need to pay $40 to get the sample process started, and 50% of the mass production costs to get production started.

Professional Marketing Services

We take professional images of the finished design and market them on our online platforms. You also get the same images to market or sell through your own channels.

Faster to Market

In as little as 10 days, we could have your design featured on our online platform ready for pre-orders to roll in.

Outsourced Order Fulfillment

We handle order fulfillment for you. We ship the finished goods directly to the buyers, and you incur no charges for dropshipping.

Will you be one of the 50 persons in our incubator?

Remember, only 50 persons are accepted to the incubator at a time. So, to make sure you book your space, apply today to join the clothing line incubator.

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