Happy Healing — Women’s Homewear Theme Project

Lazy Oaf creates eclectic streetwear for teens inspired by youth nostalgia, teenage rebellion and unconventional spirit.

Helmstedt loves a world where color, comfort and quality come first. On the Spring ’22 show, sailor suits and Peter Pan collars looked like they were borrowed from a Victorian child’s wardrobe, introducing us to a blissful bedtime theme.

Theme Color

The colors under this theme have strong visual impact, and the bright colors subvert the tradition and bring us into the dreamlike world of Alice in Wonderland. Colours with bright qualities make us vibrant, with a digital edge, modern, innovative and bold. Clean, edgy and youthful in shades of pink and blue, these colorful loungewear in positive, healing shades can regulate our negativity.

Key Pattern - Childlike Innocence

Keywords: cartoon pattern / colorful fruits and vegetables / IP joint name

The cute and lively colors and patterns are full of innocent and childlike fun, as if traveling back to a carefree childhood. Mushrooms, fruits and vegetables, animals and other cartoon patterns and colorful colors guide people into the dream world of childhood.

Key Pattern--Art Trend

Keywords: emoji / jumping letters / artistic portrait

The artistic text symbols and character illustrations make the basic version of home clothes very interesting, and the innovative emoji patterns are full of humorous and playful atmosphere whether as partial printing or full-scale printing.

Key Pattern - Psychedelic Print

Keywords: digital printing/tie-dye art/bright weave

The bold and crazy psychedelic pattern design is sought after by more and more people. The alternative bold and innovative printing pattern attracts people’s attention through strong visual impact, and joy and optimism seem to be released with the ethereal colors.

Key Technology--Embellishment

Keywords: bright glitter / embroidery craft / crochet craft

Some playful and cute accessories make the design lively and lively. You can try to embellish the parts with sequins or rhinestones. Be careful not to use too much area, so as not to affect the comfort of home clothes. At the same time, you should pay attention to the unified style of accessories and clothing, and find a balance between women and girls.

Key Details - Girly Heart Decoration

Keywords: creative heart shape / sweet bow / cutout

Sweet bows and playful love elements are full of girly hearts. You might as well be bold when designing, and take some exaggerated hollow details or outlines. The creative girly heart decoration gives home clothes a unique personality.

Key Item - Lapel Shirt

Keyword vacation style/outer wearable loungewear/silk fabric

The silk lapel shirt was originally synonymous with high-end elegance. The injection of childlike patterns makes it maintain the original basic sense while adding a bit of liveliness and playfulness. The fabric can choose a soft silk fabric, through the sense of touch and vision. It brings psychological and physical pleasure and comfort to consumers.

Key Item--Sweater Suit

Keyword: loose silhouette/outer wear movement/local decoration

Sports and leisure design has begun to integrate into the homewear market. The sweaters under this theme have added more delicate details such as three-dimensional decoration, asymmetric stitching, embroidery patterns, etc.

Key Item - Bottoming Shirt

Keywords: sheer sheer feeling/childlike printing/lively colors/partial hollowing out

The bottoming shirt is no longer a regular basic cotton bottoming shirt, and the clear feeling of the tulle fabric will not be too stuffy even if it is worn in spring and summer. Simple and repeating geometric patterns and atmospheric childish scene patterns are good choices.

Combination of Goods--Vigorous Urchin

Interest is presented through design creativity, shape, color, pattern and expression techniques, etc., providing creative and personalized home items for older children who have not lost their innocence. The childish design language is skillfully used in the design of home wear.

Combination of Goods--Psychedelic Party

Home parties are the inspiration for the collection, which uses bold color combinations and innovative silhouettes, combining cutouts, prints and accessories to give traditional classic loungewear an avant-garde modern twist. Bring optimism and positive effects to life with bright colors.

Combination of Goods--Leisure Sports

The casual sports style under this theme still maintains a playful and cute design style. The simple tailoring of sports underwear and sweater suits combined with childlike patterns makes home clothes more relaxed and interesting, meeting the two needs of home fitness and going out for daily wear.

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