Gain Your Fashion Inspiration From Chinese Elements

Being in a prosperous city for too long, people always long for a quiet home for their body and mental. The culture and artistic conception of the orient are always peaceful, humble, and profound. Infiltrate the modern oriental artistic conception with its formal language, create an invisible state of mind. Integrating oriental charm and elegance into the home-wear design and every bit of life. 

String Replaced Button

Replace the buttons with cords made from the cloth. The Chinese stand-up collar expresses the Chinese charm. The rope strap design at the placket or opening makes the rope strap functional and decorative, adding a touch of vitality and creativity to Chinses home-wear. 

Crossed Collar Design

Choose Chinese style cross-collar design home clothes, use ropes to fix the waist side, the elegant and comfortable fabrics combined with Chinese style, cater to the characteristics of a comfortable and quiet home in autumn and winter. Use color contrast at the placket to add highlights to home clothes.

Knot Button

Use the knot button which is the most common element in Chinese clothing to reflect Chinese style. The color contrast of the knot button and placket makes the characters of the knot button more outstanding. While satisfying the functionality, the knot button can also be used as a decoration in the home clothes design. 

Waist Design

The waist design is based on the classic Chinese waist girdle, which can be adjusted freely to provide a beautiful shaping effect for the waist and improve the overall ratio of one’s waistline. Applying such design to the more elegant home-wear clothing could increase the ready-to-wear feelings.

Side Front Fly Design

There will be an asymmetric beauty by using the side front fly design. Natural cotton and linen fabrics bring this style a more comfortable texture. The side plackets are fixed with laces or knot buttons, which makes them full of Chinese charm. It can be used with exquisite embroidery patterns to enhance style texture.


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