Feminine Rejuvenation–The Trend of Women’s Dress Silhouettes

The dress shows signs of revival, and the classic feminine version suitable for day dresses and flexible work needs is worth paying attention to. Dress styles that can be casual or formal are developing rapidly, and at the same time, the return of sophisticated styling is also reflected in the design. The lower skirt is plump and the upper body adopts the feminine version of the slim corset design. The size is more inclusive and more comfortable. It is suitable for all types of body wear, taking into account the sense of fashion and functionality.

Fluffy Doll Skirt

The retro-style “doll skirt” is back again. The exaggerated A-line shape of the doll skirt, plus the accumulation of folds at the waist, the orderly pleats on the hem, and the lotus leaf decoration are more three-dimensional. V-neck or retro squares can be used. Collar and other techniques combine with the blessing of summer flowers to create a sweet look. The design of the skirt is also getting shorter and shorter, from the original knee to the current knee, and at the same time, the design technique of hollowing and bust portraying is added to add a touch of sexy charm to the girly doll skirt.

Mini A Style Skirt

The waist of the small A-line skirt is close to the body and the skirt gradually widens, hiding the curve of the buttocks very well, adding a girlish feeling. The extremely thin shoulder straps are combined with a deep V or neckline to highlight the beautiful shoulder and neck lines. The current trend of youthfulness ranges from ordinary sleeveless designs to racer-shaped designs. The larger the area of the shoulders, the stronger the sense of youth.

Garden Midi Skirt

Retro-inspired decorations and ruffles on the collar and waist accentuate the waist style. You can also use the pleated design to emphasize the waist, adding a modern and simple style to the model. Choose adjustable pleated side seams or central diagonal cut garment pieces to create a striking waist design.

Slim Pencil Skirt

The slim and long pencil skirt is back, making the dress more feminine. The split skirt design makes the pencil skirt more humane.  Whether it is front slits, back slits, or side slits,  the space in a corner allows the legs to walk freely.

Holiday Dress

Is the design of a comfortable and loose-fit vacation-style sundress key? You can add folds and pleats to the layered design to add a three-dimensional effect to the key parts and maintain a wide profile. The contrast color and fold design make the retro craftsmanship present a new modern style, and at the same time Easy to relax and tighten.

Turkish Robe Dress

The simple and loose silhouette blends more casual styles into the style, and also brings more comfortable wearing experience for urban commuting. The relaxed and unconstrained silhouette is one of the key trends in the post-epidemic era. , The floor-to-ground length combined with the relaxed silhouette brings a sense of freedom to wear, and the deepened neckline and super open branches create a relaxed and sexy charm.

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