Exquisite women–the trend of women’s leather clothing silhouettes

The overall style of exquisite women, while retaining the overall elegance and decentness, adds a sense of exquisiteness and feminine softness. This style provides more inspiration to the silhouette of the leather garment. As an important fashion item for women’s clothing: leather clothing, its special texture has created more possibilities for delicate women to wear, so that the leather clothing style can also control various occasions.

Wide shoulder suit

The wide-shouldered suit has been tailored with skillful tailoring to create an image of a strong and innovative woman. The wide shoulders of the silhouette shape are used in leather clothing, reflecting the female power of the new era. The wide-proportioned shoulder line and waist curve create a new contour of female power.

Arc closing

The wide arc is cut with comfortable and smooth lines, which can well modify the wearer’s shoulder lines. The cocoon-shaped jacket is comfortable to wear and easy to move around. Sleeve design should grasp the amount of sleeves and cuffs to control shrinkage. The arc shape weakens the strong feeling through details such as pleats and fabric drape, and the sleeve shape is beautiful and practical.

Ultra short motorcycle suit

The truncated motorcycle jacket is also one of the items with a high rate of appearance. The super cool motorcycle single product and the leather texture increase the chance for women to be true. The super short jacket is stitched, the pattern is embossed, and the cotton is quilted. The processing techniques such as those have enriched the form of shortening the motorcycle jacket.

X-shaped pleated suit

Waist suits are a common suit silhouette. X-shaped pleating pays attention to the use of details, and the folds on the waist are careful to break the formality and seriousness of the suit, but it retains the ability of the suit, and at the same time injects the overall look. It’s a little feminine, and it’s even more revealing.

Waist trench coat

The waisted windbreaker gets rid of the loose shape of the previous windbreaker. The waisted design is extracted from retro elements. In addition to the original waistband design, the waisted form drawstring, waistband, and other elements make the windbreaker a variety of forms. change.

Five-point pants

Five-point midpants, also known as Bermuda shorts, have urban elegant casual shorts. They are extremely popular in counter-trend trends. The silhouettes are tailor-made Bermuda shorts, which are simple and casual about the length of the knee. They are matched with a suit and knee-length boots. Women’s reckless and independent side.

Floor trousers

The floor-length trousers have the advantage of modifying the silhouette of the leg-shaped elongated body, maintaining the core position of the silhouette. The length of the floor and the high-waist design greatly elongate the body proportion. The loose foot mouth covers the heel, which is super inclusive and meets the needs of women for visual body proportions.

Elegant parachute skirt

The overall style of the umbrella skirt is elegant and decent, with simple atmosphere and no extra decoration, creating an independent and free image of new women. The diagonal cut hem created by the stitching of two materials lengthens the leg vision. The high-waisted diagonal cut and side ties create a thin waist at the waist.


As a popular item in the fashion industry, jumper are also very common in salt wear. The collision of leather materials and straps adds a sense of coolness under the urban elegant style. The intellectual and age-reducing overalls can break the conventional sense of youth. They are comfortable and fashionable, or mix and match with outerwear, even the simplest combination. It can also look fashionable enough.

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