Dynamic Tassels–The Trend of Women’s Clothing Detail Craftsmanship

The handicraft style extends the tassel design. Cutting Tassels, Napping Tassels, Knitting Tassels can add a sense of inheritance to nomadic style items. Use tassel details to enhance the design of T-shirts, sweaters, suits, and other items. Adding the Rhinestone Strip Tassels element to the urban job attire to cater to the needs of the light luxury city. Sweaters and T-shirts combine bright and colorful tassels to create a street style.

Cutting Tassels

The fabric is divided into strips with the same width to form smart tassels through laser cutting or hand-cutting process. Such tassels are mostly made of the original fabric, and the unity of material and color is perfectly integrated with the single product.

Napping Tassels

Napping tassels has always been one of Chanel’s common crafts. Through the unfinished napping effect, it presents a seamless sense of handwork on the visual upper layer. Usually used at the edge of the pocket and the outer contour line of the garment. And this year, the designer will also incorporate webbing napping, and the colorful lines add a touch of design to the simple items.

Knitting Tassels

Hand-knitting tassels are the key details of nomadic holiday-style items. The geometric hollow formed by hand-knotted enriches the visual hierarchy of tassels. The hand-knitting tassels of the same color on the hem of the cotton vest are matched with jeans to bring out the country of western cowboys style.

Colorful Line Tassels

The text or pattern is used for special treatment with embroidery technology, and the fringe is produced at the end. This fringe is usually formed by cutting a lot of embroidery threads and then fixed on the pattern with embroidery needles to play a decorative role. On flat prints or embroidered patterns, partial tassels make the patterns more vivid.

Rhinestone Strip Tassels

The rhinestone strip tassels form a pendant effect along the arc of the costume, adding a sense of luxury to the party dress. The combination of black and white, or the combination of eyelet and chain design, adds a colorful sense of illusion to the party. The rhinestone strip tassels and casual T-shirt and sweater design bring street leisure to the luxurious party dress.

Bead Bunch Tassels

Beads form luxurious tassels, and tassels can also be used as strings to create a multi-level visual effect. The colorful bead decorations form a combination of rich texture and show a low-key luxury. The luster of the sequins and the glass rope echo each other, creating a luxurious party dress.

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