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Detailed dimension–detailed technique trends of sweatshirt

Hoodie is still one of best-selling single items highlighted by various series of clothing in a new season, combines the common outdoor elements and fashionable elements to build powerful cross-season single item. different high collars can enrich the visual effect of the product, and the delicate hat brim decoration, additional pendant, etc. can result in more gentle practicability and delicacy of product. The contracted appearance fitting the present fashionable senior practical trend can improve product’s practical value. The comparison between quilting seam and texture and the use of delicate fabric texture bring the unique charm to the daily single item and are also suitable for various markets and consumer groups.

Hat Brim Decoration

Cap rope fixation/ buttonhole decoration/ color rope belt

The delicate detail design has occurred in the single product of hoodie, and the supplementary material details such as air hole, button, cap rope, ribbon welt, etc. can improve the senior sense of design and appreciate the style. The hollow-out effect can be built through air hole and patch, the button and drawstring can make the cap fit head more, and the interesting and contracted design would attract more consumers.

Protective Turtleneck

Double-layer collar / facial protection/ heterogeneous stitching/ balaclava

The facial protection and balaclava are not only confined to outdoor clothing, also show extensive applicability in the hoodie. With different textures of splicing or concise one-piece hooded design, the leisure hoodie can also bring the outdoor functional sense. More attention shall be paid to the detail design of collar, such as adding zipper, drawstring, etc. to give more commercial value to single item.

Additional Hangings

Puller hangings/ outdoor elements/ woven tape and rope belt

With the continuous synchronous development of outdoor sports, fashion and sportswear market, consumers have continuously deepened the demands of practicability and enjoyment, and apply the practical climbing rope with welt, stay cord and button ornament to new position to add the feeling of fashion. More attention shall be paid to the belt hangings upon design to enrich the visual effect of products.

Various Quilting

Quilting stitching/ lightweight quilting / quilting of the whole piece

The packing design caters the thirst for the comfortable household style of consumers, and fits the psychology of enjoying the outdoor scenery. The product would become more casual and modern through continuous update of quilting, for example, the wave and rhomboid shape are used as the whole piece or stitching to bring new conception to familiar profile.

Material Comparison

Woven tape splicing/ design and color splicing / tatting splicing

The soft and delicate texture refreshes simple sweat shirt, the tactile elements of style are given through the fabric stitching of different textures, and the mesh knitting and waterproof woven fabric stitching are used at the pocket, hood, sleeve, etc. so that the fusion of leisure and outdoor elements can bring diversity of style.

Delicate Texture

Waffle / jacquard embossing /stitch quilting

The jacquard weave, embossing, stitch quilting, etc. as well as waffle grid, honeycomb grid and texture fabric are applied to bring novel sensual pleasures to consumers, the micro texture of stitch embossing is received by the mass more easily and can bring the surface interest to daily casual wear, and the surface of decorative texture is suitable for the leisure single items, knitwear, pants, tailored suits, etc. to bring interest.

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