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Creating a Fashion Tech Pack – 5 Things to Keep in Mind

If you are planning to create a fashion collection, then creating a tech pack is an essential part of the process. A tech pack is a document that contains all the necessary information that a manufacturer needs to produce your designs. It includes detailed technical drawings, measurements, materials, trims, and other specifications that ensure your designs are produced correctly.

Here are 5 things to keep in mind when creating a fashion tech pack:

Clear and Concise Information

  1. A tech pack should have clear and concise information that the manufacturer can understand easily. The measurements, materials, and other specifications should be accurate and detailed, leaving no room for error. It is also essential to ensure that the terminology and jargon used in the tech pack are consistent and understood by the manufacturer.

Accurate Technical Drawings

  1. Technical drawings are a crucial aspect of a tech pack. They help the manufacturer understand the construction of the garment, including how the different parts of the garment are put together. Accurate technical drawings should be included in the tech pack, indicating details such as stitch types, seam allowances, and any trims used.

Materials and Trims

  1. The tech pack should provide detailed information about the materials and trims used in the garment. This information should include the fabric content, weight, and color, as well as details of any additional trims or embellishments used. This information will help the manufacturer to source the correct materials and trims, ensuring that your design is produced as you intended.

Sizing and Fit

  1. One of the most important aspects of a tech pack is sizing and fit. The tech pack should provide detailed sizing charts and measurement specifications, which the manufacturer will use to create your garments. It is essential to consider the target market when determining sizing and fit, as different markets have different sizing standards.

Review and Revisions

  1. Once you have created your tech pack, it is essential to review it thoroughly and make any necessary revisions. It is also advisable to have the tech pack reviewed by an experienced fashion designer or technical designer to ensure that all the necessary information is included.

In conclusion, creating a tech pack is an essential part of the fashion design process. It provides manufacturers with all the necessary information to produce your designs accurately. By following the five tips outlined above, you can create a comprehensive tech pack that will help ensure your designs are produced to the highest standards.

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