Commuter Pants Type–The Trend of Women’s Pants Silhouettes

Different dressing styles, trousers single products have become particularly important, especially in autumn and winter consumers demand temperature. The new design of trousers can meet the higher requirements of the market. Classic tapered trousers, cigarette trousers, and flared trousers are more retro and lazy this season, but the sense of detail is undiminished. While creating a fashionable look, it also shows the charm of all women. The comfortable and loose silhouette conforms to the life philosophy so that trousers can also be individually, elegantly and easily worn.

Trans-seasonal Middle Trousers

Suit fabrics and leather pants are very good cross-season items, and the neutral tone is very in line with the temperament of mature women. There is a certain modification to the female figure, and it looks sexy. The high-waisted style uses the corner of the dress to emphasise the proportion of the figure to highlight the effect.

Ankle Length Wide-leg Trousers

The smooth outer contours of the wide-leg pants could cause the straightness of the legs. While showing the length of the legs, it also extends the proportion of the legs in the line of sight, and it looks more concise and capable. The modified leg is combined with the slightly exposed skinny ankle, giving the illusion of very thin legs, highlighting the slender and tall image.

Fitting Bell-Bottomed Trousers

The unique sexy and retro sense of flared pants are a must-have item under the retro trend of autumn and winter. This season’s flared pants continue their retro texture, slim-fitting, close-fitting silhouettes, and dark-based crisp fabrics. With different exquisite details, you can easily have a retro-modern outfit in autumn and winter.

Long Cigarette Trousers

Cigarette trousers have become a classic all-match single product because of their strong tolerance. The high-waisted trousers can be used to modify the figure, matching with a shirt or knitted top to lengthen the proportion of the figure. The profile of the cigarette trousers for the autumn and winter of 22/23 is more slender, and the details of the trousers are more refined, highlighting the fashion sense of the overall shape.

Bound Trousers

The leg tie trousers inherit the profile advantages of tapered trousers, design laces, buckles and other elements to allow the lower leg to have the function of elastic adjustment. In addition to the embodiment of multi-wearability, the small foot shape also makes the overall match more fashionable and energetic.

Tapered trousers

The clean and neat silhouette of tapered trousers has always been the key to modifying the body shape. The upper thick and thin shape can cover up the defects of the buttocks. At the same time, the design of the small feet can stretch the leg lines. The shape is more neat and slender, making the tapered pants more every day and delicate in leisure.

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