Clothing Line Incubator Project

The Entire Process

The whole process is easy, you join our Incubator Project and we will take care of everything for you.

  • Our clothing designers will communicate with you and create tech packs,
  • We will make samples according to the tech packs,
  • We will shoot professional photos with models wearing your samples,
  • We will upload the products on our retailing marketplace and start selling your products at competitive prices,
  • We will make a small batch of products and fulfill the orders from our retailing marketplace,
  • You get 20% of the revenue;
Yes, all you need to do is to provide us your design ideas and send us the initial investment, that’s all.
Please note:
  • We can ship the samples to you at your cost,
  • You can sell through your channels too. After you get orders on your channels, you can replace them on ours, and you still get 20% of the revenue. This is dropshipping,
  • The designs might not be exactly the same as you want them to be. Our professional designers will make necessary changes to make them more suitable for the market,
  • You can have customized labels, printing, embroideries at extra costs,

For customers who ordered samples from us and want to join the clothing line incubator project, all you need to do is pay some extra money. Please contact your sales rep for the details.

23 thoughts on “Clothing Line Incubator”

    1. Hi, thanks for your reply. You can send your designs to your sales rep.
      I’ve already asked her to get back to you when she in the office.

  1. It all sounds good but im just thinking what about the brand or name to the clothes, dont you have to own or buy the name for the clothes before being able to buy from you guys without getting in trouble?

    1. If you own the brand or name and you order the samples, we can put it on the clothing.
      If you don’t own it, we can’t put them. Like we don’t do knockoffs.

  2. Hi
    I note there is $60 charge for samples that we don’t actually receive, but we need to pay if we want to receive the samples?
    Surely most clothing company/brands would want to see the sample up-close?

    1. Yes, we only charge for samples at this stage, we can send you the samples at your cost.
      The whole purpose to help people with little money to get started, so if you do have more money to get the samples, pay the full amount for mass production, build your own sales funnels, you are welcome to do that.

    1. Yes, we can do that and there will be an extra cost.
      Usually, we don’t do the labels for samples, because it is costly and it takes more than 1 week to get the labels from the supplier.

  3. Just so I’m clear you are able to print the brand name on our clothing but, not recommended for the sample stage? After the sample stage is complete then we can move forward with printing the brand name or logo on the garment?

    1. For the sample stage, we can print or embroider your brand name, logo, or other patterns on the garments.
      We don’t recommend to get brand labels for samples at the sampling stage.

      1. Understood!! When can I get started? I sent over my designs Friday and haven’t heard back from anyone yet.

        1. We are talking with quite a lot of potential starters and it could take sometime before we can get back to you.

    1. Yeah, we think this is the best way to help the majority of starters. Low risk, fast launch, little investment.

  4. I’m a starter I was Reading the questions and replies which was great I’m new to this and want to make shirts and sweaters etc.. what is your suggestion to me getting started

  5. I have a few questions if at anytime I choose to no longer use the services of this project will I be tied into a contract? Would you all continue to use my designs?

    1. For the designs we create for you under this project, we will sell them on our website and you will be sent your share.
      But it is only limited to the designs under this project.

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