Children’s Clothing Pattern Trend—Food In Retro Posters

The food in retro posters tends to be more attractive in colour. The designer children’s clothing brand WAWA from Copenhagen brings you children’s clothing full of realistic style food elements this season. In the blockbuster, a warm kitchen scene is also selected. This trend is inspired by the retro food elements that have recently appeared in Japanese, Korean and Nordic children’s clothing and recommends children’s clothing patterns from the composition of different designs.

Happiness Baking

Baked bread and biscuits give people a natural sense of sweetness and fluffy. Baking scenes and graphic patterns are also fascinating. We can choose a single element for a unified and orderly arrangement in the pattern presentation or choose several aspects of the same colour and different shapes for a disorderly array. In the design of partial patterns, we can refer to the illustration style in the Art Nouveau period and talk about the combination of decorative text and desserts to form elegant patterns.

Retro Poster

The bread shape in the retro posters has obvious visual tension, and the colour is also very alluring. We select a single food element for this type of pattern, combine it with its retro-coloured geometric shapes, and arrange them in layers to form a sizeable scattered pattern. The print has both retro and trendy attributes. Brand designers can add brand labels and other designs to make the patterns more recognizable.

Personlification Poster

Children’s clothing has always been trendy for personification elements.  Candy and snacks add interest and storytelling to this pattern, and they are more receptive to these pattern elements. The designs on this page have been sorted out and restored some representative anthropomorphic food posters, convenient for designers to develop children’s clothing patterns.

Food Advertisements

Nowadays, classic food packaging often appears in shooting children’s clothing blockbusters and appears as atmospheric props. It also naturally forms a large-scale joint name between classic IP and boys and girls’ children’s clothing brands. The connotation carried by a traditional food advertising poster has far surpassed itself. Today we are keen on the retro wave. We may wish to find new sparks from the classics.

Festival Afternoon Team

The atmosphere of Christmas occupies a large proportion in the autumn and winter seasons. In addition to warming your appetite, sweet food with a festive atmosphere can also be used as a decorative pattern on children’s clothes this season. Warm, cheerfulness, and sweetness are the eternal holiday theme.

Trend Extension

The aroma of baking is the taste of happiness. The bread and biscuits blended with beautiful sunshine, fragrant butter, and crystal sugar have a healing feeling during the production process. The satisfaction of making food by yourself dilutes the anxiety caused by the epidemic to a certain extent. The interaction of joint labour and participation and the warm colours and round shapes of desserts also warm and soften people’s hearts.

 Have you been inspired by this trend for children’s clothing patterns? Would you please leave your comment below so that we can discuss more design ideas for your brand if you are cultivating in children’s brand?

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