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Free Tech Pak Templates to Get Started With for New Clothing Brands

As a new clothing brand, creating a tech pack for your designs can be overwhelming. It’s the blueprint that communicates your ideas to the manufacturer, and it needs to be precise. Fortunately, there are plenty of free tech pack templates that can help you get started. Here are some of the best places to find free tech pack templates: Pinterest is an excellent resource for finding free tech pack templates. A quick search for “tech pack templates” will yield hundreds

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Customs Fees from China to the USA – What to Expect with Clothing Shipments

If you are a fashion brand owner or designer who imports clothing from China, it’s important to understand the customs fees that you may incur. Customs fees are charges imposed by the government on goods imported into the United States from other countries, and they can vary depending on several factors. In this post, we’ll provide a complete guide to customs fees from China to the USA for clothing shipments, including what to expect and how much you can anticipate

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What is a Tech Pack (and 3 Things It Is Not) – The Complete Guidelines

As a fashion brand owner or designer, you may have heard the term “tech pack” being thrown around in production meetings. But what exactly is a tech pack, and why is it important for your clothing production process? In this post, we’ll provide a complete guide to tech packs, including what they are, what they are not, and why they are crucial for the success of your clothing production. What is a Tech Pack? A tech pack is a detailed

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Boutique Wholesale Vendors in China: Top Places to Look for a Partner

Are you looking for high-quality and stylish clothing to add to your boutique’s inventory? If so, then partnering with a boutique wholesale vendor in China may be the right move for you. In this post, we’ll share some top places to look for a partner and help you find the perfect boutique wholesale clothing for your store. Alibaba Alibaba is one of the most popular online marketplaces for wholesale goods in China. With millions of products and suppliers, it’s a

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What Is a Sample Order – and Do All Chinese Clothing Manufacturers Offer One?

If you’re looking to work with Chinese clothing manufacturers, you may have come across the term “sample order”. In this post, we’ll explain what a sample order is, why it’s important, and whether all Chinese clothing manufacturers offer one. What is a sample order? A sample order is a small quantity of products that a buyer orders from a manufacturer to test the quality and fit of the product before placing a larger order. Sample orders are important because they

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