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MMS Clothing is a clothing manufacturer and wholesaler in Chengdu, China. Founded in 2018, now MMS Clothing has more than 50 employees and worked with hundreds of clothing businesses all over the world.

MMS stands for Mu Mian Shu, the cotton tree in Chinese. Nowadays, we are making customized products and wholesaling stock clothing to customers worldwide.

When I started MMS Clothing, I encountered tons of challenges. I know there are thousands of clothing startups and small businesses all over the world, trying to build something great like we used to and facing the challenges because they are small now, we are here to help them to overcome their challenges and be a part of the greatness.

Craig Liu


Autumn, 2018

The Birth of MMS Clothing

The story of MMS started in 2018, Craig, the CEO of the company, as a veteran in international business, discovered that even with the high demands for customized clothing, there are still poor quality products in the market, finding a manufacturer with brilliant quality and services is like finding a needle in a haystack, that is why Craig decided to start MMS Clothing to help clothing startups and small businesses all around the world to acquire a high standard set of services and build their clothing line as easily as they possibly can.

Autumn, 2018
April, 2020

Our Own Factory

Due to the increasing orders, we decided to start to manufacture the clothing ourselves instead of outsourcing the production to other factories. In April 22, we moved to a manufacturing facility and started to produce ourselves.

April, 2020
July, 2020

Sales Office in Chengdu

We helped more and more startups and small businesses, and we opened our sales office in downtown Chengdu and recruited more sales reps and designers to process the orders.

July, 2020
May, 2021

New Office in Chengdu

In the past time, our work has gained an excellent reputation. Regular customers have placed orders with us many times, and more and more new customers come to us for cooperation. In order to provide better services, we hired more employees and moved to an office that can accommodate 30 people. 

office in chengdu

May, 2021
August, 2021

New Factory

As the business scale expanded, we moved to a larger production site. Our new factory is located in Pengzhou Industrial Park, with an area of 1,000 square meters and a daily production capacity of 2,000-3,000 pieces.

Custom clothing production lines and self-developed wholesale clothing production lines have been established in the new factory.

mms- factory building

August, 2021

Mission & Values

MMS started with the belief that we can make quality clothing easy and accessible, with that in mind, we have been working keenly on building a smoothy, seamless and transparent clothing manufacturing process, which can make a revolutionary transformation in this industry.

We set up our mind to be the pioneers, what we are aiming to do is to create a platform where everything can be perfectly done, making it simple and easy for our clients.

We aspired to provide a well-rounded set of sincere service for our clients, that is why we put prudent quality control throughout the whole process from design, fabric sourcing to manufacturing. We strive for the best.

With our passion and diligence, we firmly believe that we will make a difference in your journey to a successful clothing brand.

Our Team

mms clothing family
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