A New Style of Non-Sexism-Sports

Inspiration event-the return of the basic series

For more than 80 years, the Champion Reverse Weave sweatshirt has been an iconic fashion accessory. As the first fully engineered sports sweatshirt developed specifically for athletes, it focuses on solving shrinkage, fit, durability and cost issues, and cuts on the horizontal stripes can prevent shrinkage, make the wearer more fit. Loose tailoring and reduction of loose fabrics ensure ease and movement. Reverse Weave provides a variety of classic and popular colors and styles, from round neck to half zipper, showing Champion How to use performance, comfort, and functional design elements to perfect your favorite sweatshirt all year round.

Bally’s new Hike limited series, inspired by high-tech mountaineering equipment, are designed with recyclable environmentally friendly materials, from recycled fabrics to limited shoe box packaging made of paper materials certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), creating both fashionable and fashionable Sensational and functional styling.

Theme inspiration-Comfort empowers

Keywords: genderless / environmentally sustainable / Athflow style / basic tailoring

In the era of information explosion, there are no restrictions on gender and seasons. Looking at sustainable fashion, how to present the design style and brand sustainability in a more vigorous way is what we need to think about at the moment. Find inspiration in nature, with neutral gray as the main color, creamy white as the auxiliary color, healing amber orange and rosemary green as the embellishment, balance and appreciate the new feeling of nature, with the basic model as the core.

Key details-changes in collar profile

Keywords: collar change / basic tailoring / classic all-match

The basic tailoring shows the flexibility of this durable classic model. Through the simple and advanced design of changing the collar, from the classic round neck to the high neck, hooded feature, make full use of the classic versatile of this single product.

Key details-strengthen the brand identity

Key words: accessories marking / hat rope / back neck webbing / slider decoration

The brand’s attention to the brand identity is constantly increasing. The decoration of accessories has occupied an important position this season. The hat rope, webbing, and decorative lettering hardware details highlight the details of the simple basic style. The single product can also be upgraded through the threaded jacquard on the neckline.

Simple and suitable empowerment-matching collocation

Simple and versatile can be used as the core value of the brand. With the brand LOGO as the core design point, it will introduce clothing that is acceptable to most consumers and has a better upper body. The return of the old flower pattern cannot be ignored. The fabric is environmentally friendly, biodegradable and antibacterial. Sweat-absorbent and other functional fabrics are used to enhance the sense of quality. This set of color matching uses light gray as the main color with low saturation colors to create genderless clothing.

Theme inspiration-minimalism in the future

Keywords: genderless / modern future / seamless net cutting / basic version

 With the support of the sense of technology and fashion concepts, the urban sports style has more ways of expression. The modern and minimalist trends of the city blend together to show a full attitude. In the spring season full of bold colors, classic and classic The neutral color of the test is diversified and mixed, focusing on the basic version , to create a genderless outfit . The light sand color is the main color and the color of the pigeon feather. It is full of futuristic, but it also gives people a relaxing and soothing look. Visual experience, in the clean and peaceful colors, purple becomes the finishing touch, and it is also the best harmony color.

Key fabric-functional fabric

Keywords: texture / waffle / recycled cashmere

 Choosing texture fabrics is the best way to present the modern future. Outer fabrics can be made of weatherproof functional fabrics, and the inner layer re-uses unused clothing waste, such as: recycled cashmere is made from a mixture of cashmere recovered before and after consumption helps to diversify the material sources of fabrics, and at the same time fits the trend of environmental protection and sustainability.

Key details--Branding&Slogan external standard interpretation

Keywords: Information external standard / slogan slogan / LOGO embellishment

Brands that attract young people are also beginning to design slogans that emphasize brand attitudes and reflect the current environment. Patterns are no longer limited to sentence slogans, longer paragraph designs follow, showing various content from positive energy slogans to brand messages. The design is minimalist, and the casual style is from the beginning to the beginning. The tonal design of the feet or adjacent colors give the style a clean texture.

Minimal future-planning and organization

The gender-fuzzy neutral style is also the most attractive to contemporary young consumers. The light sand-colored jacket has both adjustable features and modular design. The material should be future-oriented, sustainable, and recycled UP coating and water-based solvent-free. The coating gives the single product environmentally friendly and weatherproof characteristics, and the inner fabric can better reduce the recycling problem after the clothes are discarded, providing a variety of wear options for the changeable seasonal weather.

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