22/23AW Casual Hoodie Features Trend

22/23AW Casual Hoodie Features Trend

From comfortable and casual to wild and luxurious outdoor styles, this season’s hoodies are presented in a variety of styles. Since the versatile style is still the key to consumers, designers are constantly trying to break new directions, more sophisticated design and comfortable hoodies will be the focus, using the most popular silhouette with retro style to create a symbol of youth culture, while integrating into the outdoor theme elements, supplemented by exquisite decoration and detailed design, make the single product refreshing.

Retro Half-opening

The retro-style, and the elegant and comfortable half-open zipper lapel sweater have a place in the young consumer market. The stitching of color blocks is the core design detail to create the retro style. The use of fabrics with different materials and full print patterns is integrated into the color block stitching this season. The key point of the design, knit wool collar instead of the cloth collar will also make it rich and interesting.


The high-necked sweater will be a hot element in the autumn and winter of 22/23. It breaks the traditional monotony and strengthens the visual impact brought by the shoulder and neck shape. The design of the four-button collar brings diversity to the clothing shape, and also reflective fabrics with outdoor elements bring more fun to the sweater shape.

Crisp Shoulder

When the design elements of ready-to-wear garments are used in casual sweater styles, this “cross-border” design has just the right shoulder width effect, creating a sense of daily drama. The structure can adopt the suit knife back style and the tailoring of the suit sleeves, and the shoulder pads of the suit can create a crisp shoulder style, visually strengthen the aura, easily express handsome fashion. 

Waisted Sweater

With the cross-season trend, the short sweater has always been a key item in the young market. On the basis of the traditional sweater, its subversive deconstruction cut waist design, using the dividing line and darts, showing the beauty of women’s waist.

Wide Cuff

With the home furnishing trend and the desire to upgrade basic models, designers retain excellent comfort performance and innovate a variety of sleeve cutting methods. The drawstring in the sleeve and the superimposed design of multi-layer sleeves provide the wearer with a two-wear style for daily home and streetwear.

U-shaped Curve

Affected by the Y2K style in recent years, this unique fashion sense and streamlined version and cutting will also be reflected in the sweater. U-shaped cutting can be used in different parts of the front and side, and can also be achieved by pleating. With the addition of small metal accessories, the simple and neat sweaters are novel and fashionable.

Wild Luxury

Wild luxury outdoor will continue to affect the young consumer market. The market’s increased recognition of functional items and fashion trends has promoted this trend. Light retro styles and outdoor themes are integrated, and natural-looking graphics create a strong outdoor nostalgic style. Modular color block stitching can be used to add fashion feeling.

Knitted Structure

Focusing on durable, elegant, and excellent single product design, strong and high-quality fabrics are necessary. The subtle surface touch is created through texture, and the color is drawn from the lining to the surface to form a grid pattern. The two fabrics bonded together to increase heat retention, improve indoor and outdoor wear comfort, or take advantage of a variety of materials mosaic textures of the collision of variety shape.

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