22/23 AW – Men’s Shirt Silhouette Trend

As one of the key items, shirts are indispensable in the development of each season. In this season, they present a trend of chic and a silhouette of comfortable and practical wear. Short-sleeved shirts in this autumn and winter are superimposed to wear as the key highlight, so in the development process, attention should be paid to the profile size between matching models.

Layered Short Sleeve Shirt

Layered short-sleeved shirts have become a key match for this season’s autumn and winter, bringing a very personalized way of wearing for fashionistas. If the development focuses on the wear matching method, it is necessary to pay attention to the profile size between the matching items, and the printing position, etc., to ensure that the wearing effect is comfortable and the visual effect is also full of personality.

Quantity Shape Long Sleeve Shirt

The large silhouette of the sense of volume is still important this season as a practical continuation, and there are many presentations in the release of various brands. The large-profile design with a neat sense of volume is suitable for full-body printing or unique lattice fabrics to create the ultimate trendy attitude. Detailed design can make a fuss about the hem, such as Bodysong’s drawstring hem, and Givenchy’s front and back curved hem, etc., which can add highlights to the style.

Fake Two-piece Long Sleeve Shirt

The fake two-piece long-sleeved shirt increases the layering sense of the single product style, which is mainly reflected in the sleeve design, with live-piece effects, detachable sleeves and splicing styles. Dries Van Noten is designed to collide with the sleeve fabric. The front body part is spliced with sleeve fabric, and the intersecting embellishments increase continuity. Or, for example, Hermes body and sleeves are designed with different specifications of striped fabrics to add visual hierarchy.

Long Loose Shirt

The long style shirt has many appearances this season. The loose and long silhouette is very Japanese-style lazy and comfortable. Wearing it with loose pants, it has a unique charm. At the same time, the long silhouette is suitable for the performance of large-scale printing patterns, adding a fashionable personality to the style. For example, S’YTE and Yohji Yamamoto released this season, the personalized prints combined with the silhouettes are unique to the brand’s own style.

Quantity Sleeve Style Shirt

Men’s clothing has long broken through traditional aesthetics, and the combination of rigidity and softness is an important trend for men’s clothing in the future. The sense of volume of lantern sleeves presents a feminine temperament to the shirt style. The extended arc shape of the sense of volume of the sleeves weakens the strong feeling of the original sleeves through details such as pleats and fabric drapes, bringing diversified styles to men’s clothing choices.

Jacket Style

The transitional nature of the autumn climate makes the single product design of shirts show a trend of overcoats. Choose the thicker cut and stiff fabrics, such as woolen cloth, woven yarn card fabrics, and Gary cloth structure as the main design to improve the degree of wear in the seasonal transition. Combining individualized prints and other details satisfies consumers’ fashion vision and take into account both fashion trends and comfortable wear.

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