2022 Spring and Summer Accessories Trend

Color zipper ribbon

Color & material: starry sky gradient, digital color, fresh and bright colors are the mainstream colors in spring and summer. Recycled PET fiber is used to make recycled polyester to make ribbons, advocating environmental protection and sustainable development.

Pattern function: make different styles of digital printing patterns on the horse belt, and can be used as a coated waterproof zipper, which has the functions of waterproof, anti-fouling, windproof, etc., and can develop a horse belt with luminous function.

Applicable parts: jacket sleeves, jacket placket, jacket pockets, trousers placket, pants pockets, etc.

Zipper ribbon style application

The styles of color code bands are more used in street cool fashion clothing, and gender-free style clothing is widely used. The zippers and decorations of denim jackets, jackets, and windbreaker jackets, the parts of T-shirts, the front zippers of sports vests, and the long zippers of long dresses. The future color code tape can be developed according to style series, with a variety of patterns and patterns to expand the scope of product application, organic environmental protection materials can be selected on the basis of fashion, and the concept of environmental protection is promoted.

Creative teeth

Color material: bright green is the main color of spring and summer, colorful gradients continue to be popular, and metallic colors continue to be classic. It is recommended to use nylon, resin imitation metal and other materials.

Style profile: Suitable for metal colorful corn teeth, mirror film resin teeth, resin heat transfer printing teeth, ethnic style color teeth. Suitable for men’s metal geometric graphics pull teeth, polarized nylon colorful pull teeth. Suitable for children’s clothing with colorful letter pattern zipper, nylon colorful double-stitched zipper.

Applicable parts: jacket sleeves, jacket placket, jacket pockets, trousers placket, pants pockets, etc.

Creative tooth-pull style application

There are many applications of creative zipper on outerwear, including menswear, women’s clothing, and children’s wear. Different shapes of zipper have different effects on clothing styles. The more grainy zipper is more prominent on men’s outerwear. With a masculine flavor, mosaic pull teeth are used as decoration on women’s dresses to highlight the feminine sense of lines. The use of creative zigzag on some colorful coats adds to the sense of design of the clothing itself. In the future, different materials can be developed.

Functional zipper

Color material: Metallic color and color contrast are the mainstream trends in spring and summer, and metal and nylon are the main materials of choice. It is recommended to use organic metals to enhance the recycling rate of environmental protection.

Functional outline: The upper and lower zippers of the dock, the innovative method of inserting the lower pull head into the dock through the upper pull head, makes the upper and lower pull heads easy to dock. Quick and easy to remove the zipper, press the top stop vigorously, and the slider will separate from the top stop. The magnetic zipper has magnets inside on both sides, and the magnets attract each other to make the opening operation easier.

Applicable parts: coat placket, waistcoat pocket, pants placket, etc.

Functional zipper style application

The demand for functional zippers is increasing day by day. Under the premise of guaranteeing functionality, the new season of development and consumer demand for color and design have also raised the standard. Functional zippers are not only applied to sports apparel, but also enriched in the styles of men and women. By changing the color of the zipper, it can be adapted to more different styles of clothing, such as the functional zipper of the jacket, the functional zipper of the dress, and the one-piece. Functional zippers for clothing, trousers, etc. The future trend is to develop design and aesthetic products based on functionality.

Metal slider

Material development: At present, the metal sliders on the market are mainly alloy and copper, with leather decoration, and different metal materials can be developed , such as recyclable and degradable materials, and reuse of recycled metals.

Color outline: gold and silver are the main colors, and bright colors are a new development trend. Irregular distortions of geometric figures on the outline, leaves, fan-shaped hollow design and concave and convex three-dimensional effects.

Applicable parts: coat placket, waistcoat pocket, pants placket, etc.

Metal slider style application

The popular trend of metal sliders in the future is diversified, and metal materials have a wide range of applications. Innovative profile designs can be added to other materials such as pearls, acrylic and other materials. Diversified development in styling, suitable for multi-category applications of men’s wear, women’s wear, and children’s wear. Pulling heads for coats and sweaters is the main market demand. Pull heads for trousers and dresses need to be designed and developed to match the style of clothing. We can design and develop custom sliders, original design sliders, etc. according to different customer needs.

Multi-material slider

Material technology: Metal material and nylon material are sprayed and electroplated to develop different color sliders. The development of new environmentally friendly polyester materials made of PVC and silica gel, in pursuit of low-carbon, environmentally friendly and sustainable development.

Color outline: rich colors, candy color and jelly color are the mainstream colors in spring and summer. Show fashion trends with creative geometric figures, heart-shaped patterns, tassel decorations and other outer contours.

Applicable parts: coat placket, waistcoat pocket, pants placket, etc.

Multi-material slider style recommendation

The multi-material slider enriches the design of the zipper, and the slider of different materials can be matched according to the zipper of different themes and styles. Metal and acrylic sliders are widely used. The metal material is more classic and different profiles can be developed. The acrylic material is younger and has a fashionable street style, which can be used in fashion trendy brand clothing styles. The future development trend is to make new colors and innovative silhouettes on the sliders of different materials.

Cartoon slider

Category style: The cartoon slider is suitable for men’s, women’s and children’s clothing. Fashion street fashion men’s clothing, sweet and cute young ladies’ clothing, youthful and energetic children’s clothing.

Color outline: The color is mainly high-saturation hue, and the matching color attracts the eye. The cartoon pattern uses classic Mickey head, S Superman, Mini Batman and brand LOGO, etc. Can develop self-developed creative cartoon patterns.

Applicable parts: coat placket, waistcoat pocket, pants placket, etc.

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